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Nov 17, 2022 10:00 EST

Masterfully blending yoga with fitness, an innovative new yoga studio called Den Yoga opens Nov. 20, in Taipei City, Taiwan. Founded by American Betty Ford, who gained prominence as a top yoga instructor and elite competitive bodybuilder, Den Yoga is designed to help people refresh, rediscover, and re-energize their lives.  

Den Yoga is available to anybody interested in reducing stress, gaining strength and flexibility, experiencing fewer aches and pains, losing weight, and improving their overall fitness,” said Betty, who was raised in Colorado, one of the healthiest states in the U.S. “I created Den Yoga to give people a welcoming, fun respite from their busy lives.”

Inspired by some of the finest American yoga studios, Den Yoga offers five signature classes that Betty describes as “firmly rooted in yoga and inspired by strength.” One of the studio’s most popular classes, named Den Booty, focuses on legs and glutes. “Our students love this lively class because we keep things moving, challenging and fun by incorporating yoga with resistance training,” she said. “For example, we’ve strategically added free weights, steppers, and my own creation, the BETTYBAND, to help people achieve faster results.”

Another core class is called Den Yoga Fit, designed to help students reap the benefits of full-body training. “We’ve made it a point to offer classes appealing to any age,” Betty explained. “Whether you’re just beginning your yoga journey, want to take your skills to the next level, or simply appreciate yoga at a slightly more relaxed pace with static stretches and yoga flow — we offer yoga instruction designed with you in mind.”

With 15 years of yoga experience in America, she patterned Den Yoga after some of her favorite studios in the U.S. “We’ve designed everything with our client’s comfort in mind,” said Betty, who also serves as a Lululemon Legacy Ambassador. “For example, our classrooms set the mood and enhance everybody’s yoga experience with dimly lit, color-enhanced lighting, infrared heated panels, and surround-sound music paired specifically to the movements we’re teaching.”

As one of the first hot power vinyasa studios in Taiwan, she says Den Yoga is a studio where everybody is welcome. “That’s why both English and Chinese are spoken here, so everybody can feel at home whether you are a local, foreigner, vacationing in Taiwan or traveling on business,” said Betty, who gained her business acumen by working for a Fortune 500 Company in America. 

A highly successful, women-owned and operated business, Betty says there is nothing she loves more than helping people feel amazing. “I love teaching yoga, because I get to see people arrive often feeling stressed out by their day, and leave feeling fantastic,” she added. “Den Yoga is meant to uplift the spirit and remind people that can reach their goals.” 

For more information about Den Yoga, go to or call 886-958-098-587.

Source: Den Yoga

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