As a new year begins, we often here people speak about their “New Year’s Resolutions.”  More often than not these resolutions are about changing something about yourself. Popular ones include: losing weight, getting to the gym more often, eating healthy, etc.  But what if we stopped and thought for a moment about what we like about ourselves and want to continue doing, NOT change. 

Are you happy with yourself that you meditate 10 minutes a day, or proud of the flowers in your garden?  I think instead of always trying to change ourselves we need to stop and look at what we are doing in our lives that is working.  Maybe instead of making a “resolution” to change and continue on this everlasting journey to make ourselves perfect, we could stop and recognize the good in our life, and what makes us happy now, not what could make us happy

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Nicole Tammelleo, MA, LCSW

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