We caught up with beauty expert, makeup artist, and and entrepreneur Jenny Patinkin to get the scoop on the best makeup practices for individuals with gamine facial features. “Gamine facial features tend to be delicate, so overdoing contouring can give an almost sunken or hollow look,” says Patinkin. “If I do any contouring at all, it’s only a subtle wash done at the part of the cheekbone closest to the ears and not extended onto the face more than one to two inches and perhaps a little on the jawline to call attention to the V shape of the jawline.”

Instead, Patinkin prefers to focus on bringing a soft glow to the cheeks and a slightly contoured smoky eye to create a round, doe-eyed look with a sultry flair. “It’s important to use makeup brushes sized for more delicate features instead of very large ones that can over-apply products like bronzer or contour,” she tells us. Her tool of choice is her very own Sustainable Luxury Angled Multi-Blender Brush, which she uses to apply cheek products. With it, she’s able to control placement in addition to creating a beautiful soft blend with minimal effort. 

“I know the temptation is to do a heavier brow with this look à la Audrey Hepburn, the ultimate gamine, but I would advise caution when it comes to squaring off the inner corner of the brow or using a very opaque color to fill in,” Patinkin explains. Both can look overly harsh in contrast to one’s more delicate features rather than complementing them as needed.

Now that you know how to give gamine facial features the attention they deserve with the help of Patinkin, keep reading to discover the 16 bronzers, blushes, contour sticks, and highlighters that will deliver a stunning makeup look every time.

Maya Thomas

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