A tiny helpless puppy was seen lying on a porch. He was in such distress that he wasn’t moving. A rescuer was called in and when she approached the little pup, she could tell he was critically injured. The porch belonged to an abandoned house. Where did the little guy come from?

Image Source/Story Credit: TheDodo – Facebook Video


The rescuer searched for his mother just in case she needed help too. But his mama was nowhere to be found. She named the little pup Bernard and put him into her car. She kept talking to him and told him over and over it would be okay. He was unresponsive but finally, after a few minutes, he let out a little cry.


Image Source/Story Credit: TheDodo – Facebook Video


Bernard was taken straight to the vet clinic. He had a wound on his back that needed to be treated. Once he was out of the woods, the rescuer could look for a foster home. He stayed at the clinic until he was cleared. The rescuer made some phone calls and found Bernard a foster mom that was willing to take in such a young puppy. He needed to be bottle-fed and Dina was happy to do it.


Image Source/Story Credit: TheDodo – Facebook Video

The tiny pup took to sucking on a pacifier for comfort. Dina gave him a rainbow teddy bear as well hoping it would keep him company. Bernard bonded to the bear right away. As Bernard continued to heal and get bigger, Dina grew confident that he could go on to his forever home. She would miss him but she had to make room for new fosters and Bernard needed to start his new life.

Image Source/Story Credit: TheDodo – Facebook Video

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