A photo of the seven members of BTS in a purple studio released for the 2023 BTS Festa

ARMYs enter at different points in the fandom of BTS, and some don’t usually keep up with the frequent V Live streams or their social media at all. But compared to the previous years, it seems like this phenomenal band from South Korea hasn’t been posting music videos together as a group. That’s not to say that the individual members haven’t been dropping great bops as solo artists.

Jungkook dropped “Seven” feat. Latto and another music video with Jack Harlow titled “3D.” BTS’ V released three solos this year alone, while SUGA produced music for Diablo IV in collaboration with Halsey. They’re all doing solos, which might be why some think that they’ve broken up. The reality is far from that, and this band is far from over.

When will BTS break up? They’re not disbanding, but they’re going on a temporary hiatus as a group because of mandatory enlistment. All South Korean men must undergo military enlistment from ages 18-35, and there are exemptions to this rule. Many international fans hoped for this day to come later rather than sooner, but BTS member Jin chose to enlist immediately. J-Hope and Suga have also entered the military.

The remaining members RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook have all chosen to enlist early and they’ll be off to the military by the end of the year 2023. They chose to enlist early so that they could reunite as a band (and with their ARMYs) faster. That’s not to say fans won’t miss them, and many have been missing the group since Jin joined the military. But in the meantime, there won’t be new chart-topping music from them and updates will be seldom.

Many fans have gone into military wife/husband mode, but they’ll be back stronger than ever with greater music in store for ARMYs. Just don’t count the days, because they’ll feel longer. Listen to “Spring Day” on a quiet park bench during the sunset. Winter is coming, but spring will be worth seeing.

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