A couple’s new business venture inspired by their love of the great outdoors has just opened in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Resaca, Georgia.

Jordan and Lewis Dixon were high school sweethearts and have been together for 13 years. Recently moving back to where they grew up to be around family, they took the opportunity to start a new business venture.

Rolling Ridge Stays is a glamping site with three traditional campsite spaces and two all-weather structures located on the couple’s 22-acre wooded property.

“One of our favorite things to do while dating and after getting married was hiking and camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains,” Jordan told Newsweek. “After Lewis commissioned in the Army, our love for camping continued to Fort Stewart, South Carolina, and Fort Benning in Columbus, Georgia.”

Pictures of the two glamping structures at Rolling Ridge in Resaca, Georgia, and an inlay of Jordan and Lewis Dixon who have created the campsite in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Jordan and Lewis Dixon / Rolling Ridge

With Lewis close to retirement, the couple began looking for somewhere to set down roots, and before long the perfect space hit the market.

“This 22-acre wooded property with home, 1-acre pond, and abandoned greenhouse made itself available in July 2022,” said Jordan. “Being only 30 minutes from where we grew up, we decided to move back close to family and start our new business venture.”

The couple moved to the property in November 2022, four days after having their third child. While Jordan stays at home with the kids, Lewis works half of the week at Fort Benning and is home the other half of the week working on the property.

Pictures of the 120 square foot Little Greenhouse in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Resaca, Georgia.
Jordan and Lewis Dixon / Rolling Ridge

“Lewis was able to build the two structures in 10 weeks—December through Feburary,” said Jordan. “Glamping construction, camp bathroom renovation, and clearing the land took six hours a day during December. Lewis came home every weekend in January-February to finish the projects.”

The couple have built two glamping spaces with views of the nearby lake and woodland. Spending $4,170 per build, guests can choose from the Boho A-Frame and the Little Greenhouse.

Both off-grid with solar power, the 100 square foot A-Frame has its own kitchenette and the benefit of a private 1-acre fish pond.

A-frame glamping
The interior of the glamping A-frame structure, left, and a picture of the lake view, right.
Jordan and Lewis Dixon / Rolling Ridge

Slightly larger at 120 square feet, the Little Greenhouse includes everything you need for a peaceful stay in the wilderness, including a queen sized bed, kitchenette and camping essentials.

“Each one is listed for $60 a night, with Airbnb or HipCamp fees and taxes around $80 a night,” explained Jordan. “We run all year long and have a portable Buddy Heater and large faux fur blankets for the winter. The coldest we normally get in North Georgia is 25 degrees Fahrenheit. We also have portable fans with USB ports and solar lights.”

Despite being off grid, the structures include USB ports, solar lighting and a camp stove with propane. For an added touch, the couple even include art supplies and s’mores kits with marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers.

“Once Lewis is here at the Rolling Ridge property full time he will transition from Active Duty Army to National Guard for Georgia,” said Jordan. “Our goal is to have at least six to seven unique glamping structures, common space with homesteading classes out of the abandoned greenhouse and animals within the next five years.”

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