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Jane Pauley hosts our annual holiday broadcast exploring all things epicurean!

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Check out our 2022 “Food Issue” Recipe Index, featuring holiday recipes and delicious menu suggestions from top chefs and mixologists, cookbook authors, food writers, restaurateurs, and the editors of New York Times Cooking

COVER STORY: Cannabis, it’s what’s for dinner
With cannabis legal in some form in more than half of America, some of the nation’s top chefs are finding more ways to integrate it into their recipes. Correspondent Luke Burbank talks with chef Miguel Trinidad, who hosts dinners infused with cannabis, and with cookbook author Laurie Wolf, about cannabis cuisine. 

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In the middle of Georgia, Joe Franklin’s 78-acre citrus farm is growing fruit you’d normally expect to find hundreds of miles south in Florida.

U.S: With climate change, crops migrate north
Farmers have always dealt with the whims of Mother Nature, but a warming planet could prove devastating to farms all over the world. Correspondent Ben Tracy reports on how climate change is already changing what crops can be grown where, and how some food companies are turning to artificial intelligence to help find solutions.

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BEVERAGES: The effervescent history of soda
“Dirty soda” – soda, sparkling water, or energy drinks with added flavorings – is a popular new take, with roots in Utah, on an old recipe that started as a pharmacy staple. Correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti looks at the history, and future, of the soda fountain.

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VEGETABLES: The secret behind baby carrots
They’re cute, there’s no need to peel or wash ’em, and they’re extraordinarily popular; 70% of all carrots sold today are the baby kind. But they are technically not “baby carrots.” Correspondent David Pogue looks at the “Eureka!” moment when a farmer found a way to reduce waste and sell more vegetables.

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Correspondent Martha Teichner with Eric Ripert, chef and co-owner of New York’s Le Bernardin. 

CBS News

RESTAURANTS: Le Bernardin at 50
It’s recognized as one of the greatest restaurants in the world: Le Bernardin, founded in Paris 50 years ago, and now based in New York City. Chef and co-owner Eric Ripert talks with correspondent Martha Teichner about how running a restaurant with three Michelin stars is an extension of his approach to life: aiming to make a difference.

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Cacio e Pepe from pizza maker Stefano Callegari.

CBS News

POSTCARD FROM ITALY: Bringing authentic Neapolitan pizza home
In Naples, the birthplace of pizza, pizza makers (or pizzaioli) extoll the traditions of wood-burning ovens. But with the growing popularity of at-home pizza ovens, the Verace Pizza Napoletana Association, which usually teaches the pros, now offers online courses for pizza enthusiasts. Correspondent Seth Doane reports.

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BEVERAGES: A new trend brews: Non-alcoholic beers & mocktails
In recent years, non-alcoholic beer sales have increased 70%, and no good cocktail list is complete without a few “mocktails.”  “Sunday Morning” contributor Kelefa Sanneh talks about the latest “sober-curious” trends with New York Times’ chief wine critic Eric Asimov, who samples some tasty beverages, no alcohol required. 

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From our tasting: 

BEVERAGES: Cool: The story of ice
Let’s be clear: Ice is more than just frozen cubes of water. Correspondent Serena Altschul checks out how the quality of ice is key to a cocktail.

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Jennifer Prezioso took over her grandfather Moe’s butcher shop, Albanese Meats & Poultry, in New York’s Little Italy. 

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MEATS: A NYC butcher shop frozen in time
Jennifer Prezioso dreamed of a life as an actress, but when her grandfather, who ran the last butcher shop on Little Italy’s Elizabeth Street, started slowing down, she took on a new role: apprentice butcher. Now she runs Albanese Meats & Poultry, which will soon mark its 100th year. Correspondent Mo Rocca talks with Prezioso about a New York City institution that’s half-museum, half-butcher shop.

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SMALL WONDERS: The long and short of microgreens
In 1993 engineer-turned-farmer Michael Clark was supplying produce to his friend, Virginia chef Craig Hartman, who requested some “baby greens.” The result: ever-smaller lettuce leaves. Today, these tiny vegetables are a big ingredient in fancy restaurants, food magazines and windowsill farms. Correspondent David Pogue reports on how a trend was born.

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SUNDAY PROFILE: Linda Ronstadt: A taste of home
Singer Linda Ronstadt has always done the unexpected. And now, the woman who admits that she can’t cook has put out a memoir that is focused, in part, on traditional Sonoran recipes from her childhood. She talks with correspondent Tracy Smith about her book, “Feels Like Home: A Song for the Sonoran Borderlands.”

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Ukrainian Borsch With Pork Ribs by chef Ievgen Klopotenko.


WORLD: How Ukrainian chef Ievgen Klopotenko defends his country
When Russian troops launched their invasion last spring, Ukraine’s most famous chef, Ievgen Klopotenko, shut down his acclaimed Kyiv restaurant, 100 Rokiv, and reopened it as a military canteen. Now he’s back to serving customers – and supporting his country’s identity by promoting its native cuisine, including borsch. Correspondent Holly Williams goes in the kitchen with Klopotenko for a taste of Ukraine.

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Correspondent Jim Axelrod with Riad Ghazali, owner of David’s Brisket House in Brooklyn, which sells halal meats instead of kosher. 

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RESTAURANTS: The rise of Halal meat
Halal meat is becoming a popular meat of choice at restaurants across the country – from Chinese, Italian, Korean and Mexican to Jewish delis and BBQ eateries, all dished up with a halal meat. Correspondent Jim Axelrod reports.

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WORLD: A purple passion for ube
The purple yam, a staple and rising export from the Philippines, is a feast for the eyes when used in cakes, pies, drinks or ice cream. Correspondent Elaine Quijano checks out the ube, the vivid violet tuber that’s taking root in America.

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SMALL WONDERS: The future of watermelons looks smaller and smaller
Syngenta Vegetable Seeds was one of the first companies to introduce mini-watermelons – watermelons that are easier to carry, more likely to fit in your refrigerator, less wasteful, and available year-round. Correspondent David Pogue samples the ripeness of melon in miniature.

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Musician and podcast host Hrishikesh Hirway serves up a slice of his mother’s Mango Pie. 

CBS News

COMMENTARY: Giving thanks, through the joy of Mango Pie
For this Thanksgiving holiday, musician and “Song Exploder” host Hrishikesh Hirway offers his thoughts on how food – including his mom’s Mango Pie recipe – brings people together as an instrument of love.

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Web Exclusives: 

From 2010: Wes Moore, and “The Other Wes Moore”


FROM THE ARCHIVE: Wes Moore, and “The Other Wes Moore” (Video)
In November 2022 Baltimore native Wes Moore, a Rhodes scholar, Army officer and White House Fellow, became the first Black to be elected Governor of Maryland. But his life story, as told in his bestselling 2010 book “The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates,” could not have been more different from that of another Baltimore man, also named Wes Moore, whose fate was to be imprisoned for life for murder. Correspondent Russ Mitchell talks with both Wes Moores in this “CBS Sunday Morning” report that originally aired May 2, 2010.

From the documentary “The Wind Blows the Border.”


MOVIES: DOC NYC documentary film festival returns: Real life on screens and at home
America’s largest non-fiction film festival is back, both in New York City theaters and streaming online, presenting more than 200 features and shorts.

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Here Comes the Sun: Actress Julia Roberts and Moxie


“HERE COMES THE SUN”: Actress Julia Roberts, and Moxie the soft drink (Video)
Actress Julia Roberts sits down with Jane Pauley to discuss her new romantic comedy, “Ticket to Paradise,” parenthood, and her love for knitting. Then, Nancy Giles travels to Maine to learn about the soft drink, Moxie.

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