A video (opens in new tab) of someone walking around what looked like a weird sci-fi set while using a VR headset made the rounds on TikTok recently as new evidence of our inching progress toward the Star Trek holodeck fantasy. A follow-up video (opens in new tab) explained that it was a staffer testing out an upcoming attraction for a gaming bar and cafe named Aaru in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

If anyone pukes on my nice equipment, I will cry.

Shai Kaiser

Aaru (opens in new tab) is a VR bar, cafe, and development studio with tabletop lounges and private VR rooms. It houses the only commercial version of the Omnideck made for public use for VR gaming. The Omnideck (opens in new tab) is a massive 360-degree motorized treadmill that lets a user safely walk, run, or crawl around in VR without slamming into a wall. (The reason the guy in the video isn’t running is that they were waiting for a safety harness to be installed.)

The Omnideck is made by W5 Solutions, a Swedish company that has designed “high-level military training and simulation” hardware for over 10 years. This is the first time I recall seeing it outside a trade show or tech demo (opens in new tab) setting. The headset used in the VR room is the wireless Vive Focus 3 (opens in new tab), which has  been paired with wireless hand controllers that run through a mishmash of custom software for each game.

“We chose the Omnideck because it’s the best VR locomotion hardware out there right now,” Aaru Games CEO Shai Kaiser tells me. He explained that they’d tried things like the KATwalk (opens in new tab), a concave slidemill, but it didn’t offer the full motion VR experience they wanted, because it required users to shuffle their feet more than walk.

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