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I’ve been hydrating and nourishing my skin lately with Aloisia Beauty. It feels so good, smells divine and is made with natural ingredients. 


The Earth Diet is all about living as naturally as possible in this modern world. This includes our skincare. Always remember if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin. You always want to check the ingredients of the skincare before using it. 


The ingredients used in Aloisia Beauty include:

– Aloe vera 

– Licorice root to brighten and even-out skin tone 

– Ginseng to firm and brighten skin 

– Sweet almond oil to reduce puffiness and moisturize the skin 

– Houttuynia cordata plant to balance and soothe irritation and inflammation 

– Green tea 


I’m telling you it’s divine and smells so naturally wow divine that I look forward to using it day and night – especially after a long day there is nothing more refreshing than using a few Aloisia products before bed! I do believe skincare is an essential component to overall self-care. 



Ever since I met GG (co-founder) she was persistent in explaining the importance of a skincare ritual. I had agreed it made sense but never really stuck to anything. I’ve always been juicing and eating healthy and thought that was enough. I underestimated the importance of a daily ritual. My skin is glowing more than ever and just the gorgeous smells of the natural oils in the skincare make me feel like a princess. Our skin is the largest organ so it makes sense to feed it as well.


– Aluminum sales 

– Benzophenone


– Formaldehydes 

– Lead

– Mineral oil

– Oxybenzone 

– Parabens

– Parrafin


And so much more 




Alloisia Beauty is clean, Cruelty-Free, performance-based skincare. Inspired by Korean beauty for glowing, nurtured, healthy skin. The female founders all represent various ethnicities, they were already well-versed in exploring and appreciating different cultural approaches to skincare. They quickly fell in love with everything about Korean Beauty: The use of clean, proven plant-derived ingredients, cutting-edge innovations, the core mantra of respecting the skin first, and the ritual of self-care. Plus, as moms, they were drawn to the importance of teaching their children about the benefits of a consistent skincare routine; not only for the skin, but also for the soul.


You can try Aloisia Beauty too, use my code LIANA15 for 15% off and for orders over $75 you get a free Deep Hydration Aloe Mist gift. The top-selling product is the GLOW Exfoliation Soft Peel. 




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