Like many items at the grocery store, Thanksgiving staples are more expensive in 2022 than they were last year. A new survey by the American Farm Bureau Federation found that the average Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people now costs $64.05—a 20 percent increase from 2021. The most expensive part of the meal is typically the turkey. To see how much a whole bird will set you back across the country, check out the lists below compiled by FinanceBuzz.

Shoppers picking up turkeys in the South, Midwest, and Southwest will see the biggest savings at the register. Mississippi has the cheapest turkeys in the country, with a 15-pound gobbler costing $26.35 on average. Turkeys in the next-cheapest states on the list—Texas and Utah—cost nearly $2 more, with an average price of $28.30 this year. Residents of Iowa, Florida, Arizona, and Louisiana can also purchase their main Thanksgiving dish for under $30.

Unsurprisingly, states that have to import their groceries from far away charge the most for turkey. In Hawaii, it will cost you $50.35 on average to serve the bird on November 24. The item is only slightly cheaper in Alaska, where $49.85 will get you 15 pounds.

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this Thursday, chances are you’ve already picked up your turkey (and if you haven’t, you better find one you don’t need to thaw). Here are some turkey-cooking tips to ensure you get your money’s worth this year.

  1. Mississippi // $26.35
  2. Texas // $28.30 (tie)
  3. Utah // $28.30 (tie)
  4. Iowa // $29.10
  5. Florida // $29.80
  6. Arizona // $29.85 (tie)
  7. Louisiana // $29.85 (tie)
  8. Nebraska // $30.85
  9. Oklahoma // $31.20
  10. New Mexico / $31.35
  1. Hawaii // $50.35
  2. Alaska // $49.85
  3. South Carolina // $38.85
  4. Idaho // $37.85 (tie)
  5. Minnesota // $37.85 (tie)
  6. California // $37.35 (tie)
  7. Massachusetts // $37.35 (tie)
  8. New Jersey // $37.35 (tie)
  9. New York // $37.35 (tie)
  10. Washington // $37.25 (tie)
  11. Georgia // $37.35 (tie)

Michele Debczak

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