It’s not hard to find something to relate to in Alexa Cappelli’s music. The 23-year-old vocal powerhouse from California has found success in writing from the heart. By staying true to herself and building a platform through her TikTok, Cappelli has become a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Hailing from Team Kelly on NBC’s The Voice, Cappelli was an instant fan-favorite thanks to her bubbly personality and mega talent. From that point on, it was easy to see that Alexa would be able to connect with thousands of fans on a level most artists can’t.

She used her TikTok and other social media platforms to regularly post singing videos, tease new music, and most importantly, reach out to fans. TikTok is a major tool for most artists, yet Cappelli changed the game when she leaked her new single, “Lose, Lose” on the platform before it was released on November 11.

Courtesy of Alexa Cappelli

By leaking the song herself, fans of Alexa’s could get a real glimpse of her new record before anyone else. It was a nod of respect in her fans’ directions, whose endless support garnered over 125,000+ listens before the song was even released.

In “Lose, Lose”, Cappelli sings about ending a toxic friendship–something almost everyone can relate to. It’s just one of Alexa’s unique abilities to construct a song that is both vulnerable and inclusive.

Written alongside Pom Pom–who has worked with greats like John Legend and Skyler Stonestreet, who wrote for Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande–“Lose, Lose” is the ultimate alt-pop winter anthem.

With another exclusive interview, PopDust sits down with the amazing Alexa to talk her new single and the future:


PD: Originally, you leaked your single, “Lose, Lose” to your fans. What sparked this idea?

AC: The last few songs I’ve released were teased from earlier in the year, so my team and I thought, “why not try something new for a brand new song they haven’t heard?”. After sending the song to my top fans, seeing their reaction made it so worthwhile. They made awesome videos and started some trends that I’m building up even more so now that it’s out!

PD: You connect with a ton of people through your social media accounts like TikTok. Have you found any surprising inspiration in your music through the platform? How has the app changed how you put out music?

AC: I always write songs from a feeling or experience I have been through or can relate to. TikTok is a great place to share stories and the creativity that comes with coping in song form. If a song I love really resonates with an audience, that is a win win to me.

PD: “Lose, Lose” is about a toxic friendship that had to end. Is writing about the end of a friendship any different than a relationship for you?

AC: It honestly depends on the type of person and relationship. First we have “Temporary” which was about a sweet guy that I just didn’t belong with. That kind of situation carries a bit more nostalgia. “Lose, Lose” on the other hand, was about a friend that turned sour on me every couple months, blaming me for the issues they’ve always had, and I just couldn’t take it anymore.

PD: Do you have any advice for our readers about getting out of toxic friendships?

AC: The best advice I can give is if you find yourself torn between constantly apologizing or defending your character, run. The kind of friends that I need are the kind that give me the benefit of the doubt and truly forgive me when I say sorry. I am self aware enough to know my downfalls and not be ashamed of them, and I just won’t tolerate anyone who is.

PD: You do an amazing job of being open and honest with your fans through your lyrics. What’s the hardest part about writing about these situations?

AC: Truthfully, there is a layer of difficulty for me when it comes to sharing such personal lyrics about a certain person because no matter what they did, I don’t want to hurt anyone. I’ve realized that these are my feelings and experiences and I’m allowed to share what I’ve been through.

PD: You just opened up for ANDI on November 15! What was it like to perform only a few days after the single release?

AC: SO fun! I want to do a lottttt more of it and I intend for releases to come. People already knew all the words. It was awesome.

PD: For “Lose, Lose” you wrote with amazing songwriters, Skyler Stonestreet and Pom Pom. How was working together and how did the song come about?

AC: I have never written and released a song made by all women until now! Pom Pom is so talented and was great to work with all my notes, even over Zoom. Skyler is a force of a songwriter (and also like a big sister<3). I will definitely be working with both of them again.

PD: With increasing buzz around your music, what’s next for you in the future? Can fans expect an Alexa Cappelli album soon?

AC: Yes. I am working on my debut album! It’s a special project to me, and all I can say right now is that it has been a process.

You can listen to Alexa Cappelli’s single, “Lose, Lose” here:

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