Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass highlighted Los Angeles’ strength and resolve through tough times during her State of the City on Monday, underscoring strides made tackling the unhoused population. 

“Getting Angelenos off the street into interim housing is a critical step in our new strategy,” Bass said. 

The mayor’s Inside Safe program has moved thousands of people off the streets and into temporary housing.

Clifton Grant is one of those people. “She got us housing, got us services as far as getting your driver’s license, your identification,” Grant said. 

For permanent housing, the mayor called on businesses, wealthy individuals and charitable organizations to help out.

“We are asking the most fortunate angelenos to participate in this effort, with personal, private sector and philanthropic funds – to help us acquire more properties, lower the cost of capital and speed up housing,” Bass said. 

The homeless crisis and public safety are arguably the biggest challenges facing the city – and with the world cup and the olympics just around the corner the mayor is promising a los angeles to be proud of. 

“She is focused on trying to do whatever it takes to get the job done,” Paul Krekorian, president of the Los Angeles City Council, said.  

Many council members reacted positively to Mayor Bass’s address, but admit tough times are ahead as the council tries to balance a budget deficit that keeps increasing. 

“We are doing to have to buckle down and make the necessary cuts,” Councilmember Kevin de Leon said. 

“Having a deficit like that means we have to make choices we can’t keep doing everything we have been doing,” Councilmember Bob Blumenfield said. 

“We will need to make some hard choices and this gives us the opportunity to really focus on the city’s core services,” Krekorian said.

Darsha Philips

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