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Solana may rebound to $150 amid network hype, Ethereum stabilizes at $3,000, and Rebel Satoshi’s RBLZ goes live post-presale results.

Investors can now trade Solana (SOL) tokens on Coinbase wallets, meanwhile, Ethereum’s (ETH) Q1 2024 profits have surprised market analysts.

Amid these developments, Rebel Satoshi has joined the list of top-ranking new memecoins. The project’s focus on decentralization makes it unique. Furthermore, RBLZ surged by 150% in its now complete presale.

Solana gets increased support from Coinbase Wallet

Solana’s network activity will rise following a new collaboration with Coinbase Wallets. Namely, on April 16, Coinbase Wallet announced a new Solana DEX integration. The move will allow Coinbase Wallet users to trade over 50,000 Solana tokens.

Excitement around the partnership could improve Solana’s price performance. SOL traded at $182.96 in mid-March. It rose by 5.25% to $192.57 at the start of April. Nearly three weeks later, SOL had fallen by 26.21% to $142.08 as bearish sentiments overwhelmed the crypto market. 

Solana could rise due to growing demand for its native memecoins. On-chain reports show that Solana’s Dogwifhat is now the third-largest meme coin by market capitalization. Surging demand for Bonk has also pulled investors toward Solana’s ecosystem. Analysts say these factors could spur a 22.80% price surge to $174.48. It could also make Solana one of the top crypto coins.

Ethereum’s quarterly profits soar by 196% 

Crypto news sites are focused on the mega surge in Ethereum’s quarterly profits in Q1 2024. Ethereum’s profits in Q4 2023 stood at $123 million. By the end of Q1 2024, that figure rose to $365 million. This figure also represented 155% year-on-year quarterly growth. 

Despite rising profits, Ethereum holders are disappointed over ETH’s drop. ETH traded at $3,642 in mid-March. A few weeks later, ETH fell by 10.02% to $3,277 at the start of April. ETH remained bearish, dropping by 6.4% to $3,066 in the third week of April.

Ethereum’s defi activity was one of the main drivers of its surging profits. Since the start of 2024, Ethereum has processed over 1.15 million daily transactions. Analysts expect Ethereum’s network activity to keep rising. This could push ETH’s value up by 19.63% to $3,668, boosting its demand among other top altcoins.

Rebel Satoshi’s RBLZ token overshadows new memecoins 

Rebel Satoshi is a fast-rising meme coin project that has attracted a horde of crypto investors. The project centers around renewing the love for decentralization among digital asset communities. Rebel Satoshi understands that stemming the tide of growing centralization requires a unique approach. 

The project understands the role of value creation in creating and sustaining crypto ecosystems. Rebel Satoshi leverages NFT trading, coin staking, and arcade gaming to generate wealth for its community members. It also democratizes access to these services, giving all community members equal opportunities to collect wealth from its ecosystem. 

Rebel Satoshi’s NFT collection contains 9,999 characters, each possessing varying financial values depending on their rarity. It also offers coin staking for its RBLZ governance token. RBLZ holders can participate in governance processes. They can also hold their RBLZ coins for a fixed period in exchange for APY rewards. 

Rebel Satoshi’s arcade gaming services are available to holders of its new RECQ coin. RECQ is in Stage 1 of its presale after growing by 85%. Demand has also surged for RBLZ, which is now live on Coinstore, Uniswap, CoinGecko, and DEXTools. RBLZ’s presale is now over after raising 150% profit for its earliest investors.

To learn more, visit the official Rebel Satoshi website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram.

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