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Henry Joseph Samiri was born in Tarzana, CA where he began acting in 2019 at the age of 5 years old.  Shortly after entering the business, he made his television debut on the CBS daytime soap opera “THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL.” His additional credits include FOX’S “911: LONE STAR” and the anthology series AMERICAN HORROR STORY, both created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.  He most recently appeared opposite Jean Smart in the award-winning HBO series “HACKS” and in CBS’ “CSI: VEGAS. Now he stars in Freeform’s new original suspense thriller produced by ABC Signature and Ryan Seacrest Productions, “THE WATCHFUL EYE.”

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Hi Henry welcome to OLC! So tell me how did you become interested in acting?

Hi! Thank you for having me. I started acting when I was so young that I don’t really remember much. I’ve always liked performing and had been doing Ice Skating Shows with my siblings since I was 3 years old. A friend of my mom’s thought I would be good at acting and introduced me to my manager. I got signed with an agency and right away booked Bold and the Beautiful. 

How did you land the role on the Bold and The Beautiful?

I went for my first audition and didn’t think much about it because I had only been auditing for a short time. When I got the callback, I was super excited and I got to audition with Annika, who I love. They hired me and I started working the next week. 

What do you love about being in the Bold and The Beautiful?

Oh my gosh!! The people the most! Every person is so fun and helpful. The cast, the crew. I love visiting the offices on the third floor, that’s also where they keep the snacks. It’s the best! It’s just the best group of people. I can’t say enough great things about the entire production. 

You now star in the thriller series ‘The Watchful Eye’, can you tell me a bit about the show and who you play?

I play Jasper, a boy from an affluent family in Manhattan who is still overcoming the death of his mother. The show follows Jasper’s live-in nanny, Elena Santos, played by Mariel Molina. Elena quickly realizes that everyone living in the mysterious building has deadly secrets. But they don’t know that Elena has secrets of her own… mwahaha!

How did you get involved in the show and how did you prepare for your role?

I auditioned for the show in the spring of 2021. I remember I liked the audition and connected to the character but we never heard anything back so we just figured they picked someone else and we moved on. Months later they reached out for a callback session with casting. After that, they wanted a director session with me. When I finally got the call from our team that I got the job, I was jumping up and down and so excited!!! It’s been great and I feel very lucky to be a part of this amazing new show.

You’ve worked with some incredibly talented people, who would you love to act alongside next and why?

Hmmm…there are so many, I know I would like to work with Tom Holland. He is really cool! He likes puppies, he does charity work, and he does his own stunts – which is what I want to do. He seems like an all-around great guy.

Ryan Reynolds seems nice to me and I think he is funny so I think I would like to work with him. 

Also, Zendaya. We’ve watched all of the K.C. Undercover shows and she is also in Spiderman! 

What role would you love to play if you had the opportunity and why?

Oh! Definitely Spiderman! I’m training in Parkour and I would love to jump from building to building or rappel down the side of a building. I just want to jump around bouncing off of buildings…LOL!!!

What advice can you give to aspiring actors who hope to be in your shoes one day? 

I guess I would say if you really like acting keep doing auditions and just practice your lines and understand the scene so you can focus on listening to the other actors and work off of everyone.

What’s next for you in 2023?

Hopefully all good things! Looking forward to working and traveling and hanging out with my family and friends. I’m going snowboarding in two weeks so I’m excited about that.

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