Driven to innovate and built in the U.S., the Campworks NS-1 aims to change the world of camping by bringing environmental design and electric power to outdoor adventurers and digital nomads

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updated: Jan 26, 2022

Campworks is empowering the next generation of digital nomads through its fully electric NS-1 model adventure trailer. Entirely electric and solar-powered, the NS-1 features a hot shower, queen bed, ample cabinetry space, a powerful electric system that pairs with EVs, heat and ventilation, windows for views, and more, allowing the necessities of a comfortable life to be taken on the go while leaving behind the burdens of contemporary consumerism. 

“We are here to bring the possibility of imagining a new future to people all over the world. We saw the pandemic hit us hard and throw our assumptions about life and society into question,” says founder Thomas Hoffmann. “The way we live now is not sustainable; the planet is suffering, species are dying, and us humans are burning out from grinding 24/7. Our vision is a nomadic future, full of adventure and connections to the outdoors.” 

The NS-1 (stands for “Nomadic System”) is available to order and customize. The fully electric and solar-powered camper can be hitched up to a car and taken anywhere. With marine-grade electronics and a durable, axle-less design, the camper has a huge tolerance for off-roading and a capacity for top-storage, including mounting a tent. 

“The reliable features of the NS-1 allow people to comfortably commit to a life on the move, allowing us to manifest our vision for a nomadic future. And, with a very low carbon footprint, it allows you to explore new places with ethical kindness.”

Campworks started as a DIY camper college project and eventually grew to be what it is today, an ambassador for an adventurous lifestyle and environmental stewardship. The brand partners with others in the space who are passionate about getting back to earth and breaking free from today’s social pressures. Working with camping gear company Front Runner, the Wunder Institute, and outdoor cooking tools brand Barebones, Campworks is creating a community of nomads, adventuring for a better future. 

“We value the clean, simple aesthetic design that our team put together. Craftsmanship has always been one of our top priorities — nothing says more than the details. We don’t overlook anything; our interior cabinets are beautifully made; the internal space is lined with acoustic panels for better sleep, softer conversations, and more immersive music experiences; and our abundance of charging ports are ready for camera gear and computers.” 

The trailers are available in grey, white, and black, with multiple options for feature upgrades and build-out packages for off-grid living. The efficient and compact design of the NS-1 keeps life simple and comfortable as they help launch customers into the grounded and healthy lifestyle of the future. Campworks pledges 1% of its sales to preserving and restoring our natural environment by donating to the Leave No Trace charity. 

To learn more about Campworks, to buy a trailer or to partner with the brand, visit the company’s website:

Contact: [email protected] or 303-219-8742

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