Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy finally has a release date, but more interestingly, it has a new feature that lets you make custom scenes.

If you’re an Ace Attorney fan, then you know that there is one absolute truth in this world: Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth are in love. The game’s might not fully admit it, but we all know that they’re having a little smooch round the back of the courthouse after each case. But with the next remaster collection, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy, you’ll be able to make that reality. Capcom has announced that you’ll be able to play the collection January 25, 2024, and more importantly that there’s a new feature being added with it: the animation studio.

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As detailed on the Apollo Justice website, the animation studio lets you “freely create the scene of your dreams with character models and animations, background music, and voiced lines from the games – all at your fingertips. Place characters in situations unthinkable in the main games!” Whoever wrote the copy for that last line, I see you. Some images on the website show that you can even place the character on green screen backgrounds, meaning people will definitely be able to have their fun with a whole lot of Ace Attorney characters.

The animation studio isn’t the only new addition to the remaster, though. There’s also an orchestra hall where you can listen to 175 tracks from across the three games, which includes 14 select tracks from the 15th Anniversary Orchestra Concert, and the 2019 Orchestra Concert. On top of this, there’s an art library you can peruse filled with “character designs, background art, and even the special prologue anime for Spirit of Justice,” as well as some original art commissioned specifically for the collection.

On top of all that, there are even some special episodes and costumes that were previously pre-order bonuses and DLC, as well as some quality of life improvements, like a story mode that solves all the puzzles for you so you can sit back and enjoy the story.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy is out January 25, 2024, on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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