5 Tips For Finding Happiness Over The Holidays


Recently, on a flight, I overheard two flight attendants talking about the upcoming holidays.

One of the flight attendants was in her fifties and I overheard her telling her colleague that she was going to work this year on both Christmas and New Years.

She said it would be less lonely to work than to spend the holidays by herself.

She is not alone feeling this way.

Holidays can be tough when you’re single.

I know that watching couples and families celebrate the holiday cheer when you’re out and about can be heart wrenching and make you feel so alone.

So, this year… turn that around and do some fun things for you.


Holiday Happiness #1 – Pamper Yourself

There is nothing better than doing something special for you.

Maybe a manicure or pedicure?  A facial?  Let someone take care of you for a couple of hours.

An added benefit of giving you this gift is you are the sexiest and most desirable to a man when you feel good about you.


Holiday Happiness #2 – Go Out And Have A Good Time With Your Girlfriends

Back in my 40’s when I first started dating, I made a list of every single woman I knew.

Then I used this list to make plans whenever I wanted to go out to dinner or to a movie.

BTW . . . Because of this list, when I wasn’t dating, I was rarely home on a Saturday night!

It’s also the perfect solution for not being alone during the holidays.

Make your list then invite a friend to join you at your favorite restaurant for a festive dinner.

This is a great way during the holiday season to get yourself out of the house and into the holiday cheer.

BTW . . . your friends will be thrilled you organized this activity!


Holiday Happiness #3 – Start Putting Your Dating Fairy Godmothers To Work For You!

During this time of year with parties happening everywhere you turn, you never know who you might meet.

Choose 5 friends and ask each one to keep their eyes open during the holiday season for a great single guy they might be able to fix you up with.

He could be at their office party or even in their yoga class.

Remember, friends forget you are single so you need to keep reminding them to always be on the lookout for a great match for you.


Holiday Happiness #4 – Do Something Crazy Like Book A Last Minute Cruise With Your Sister or A Friend

It’s nice to have a man in your life, but you can still have a lot of fun without one.

There are lots of last minute deals you can take advantage of making a cruise or even a weekend away relatively inexpensive.

You might not be watching the sunset with that special guy but you can still have a good time, laughing with your friends and who knows… there might be a great single guy on that vacation just waiting to meet you.


Holiday Happiness #5 – Get Online And Start Looking For Your New Guy Tonight!

Men are online at all hours both day and night.

And they, too, are lonely at this time of year.

So try a new dating site or a free app.

Get the conversation started and just have fun meeting someone new and interesting.

He may turn out to be perfect for you!

My client, Beth almost passed her guy up because he was only an inch taller than her.

After much persuasion, she did give him a chance.

Today, they are happily in a relationship and recently he cooked an amazing meal for Beth and her family.

Beth was in her late 60’s when she met her guy.

Never give up hope.

You can find love after 50!

Go get inspired and listen to her Love Story by clicking here.

A very Happy and Healthy Holiday Season to you!!!!!

Believing in you!

Big hugs ~


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