When you think of a creature that is able to lure its prey and entangle the target in a web of intrigue and mystique, the first animal that comes to mind is obviously a spider. The metaphor is literally made after its most prominent feature: the web. It’s exactly that sort of magic that Sharlitz Web brings to the table, especially with her new EP, Spider Lily, out today on SSKWAN.

From the EP is “Dark Roots,” a dark and foreboding track that perfectly encapsulates the spider’s strategy of enticing its victims. Sounds of nature begin with an almost suspenseful melody as it meanders toward the “drop,” in this case a more hypnotic combination of bass and melody. Visualizing the events, this is the part where the victim would become trapped and having seen the fate that awaits it, becomes intoxicated with the spider’s venom.

The track as a whole is brilliantly produced for maximum effect, and you can hear the same degree of attention to detail in the rest of the EP here. For now, listed to “Dark Roots” below.

Matthew Meadow

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