We launched the beta version of Khanmigo–our AI-powered tutor–on March 14 and have been rigorously collecting user feedback to understand learner needs so we can improve Khanmigo.

After surveying hundreds of beta testers and conducting more than 100 interviews and classroom observations to figure out what users wanted most, we have made a number of improvements to Khanmigo. 

Your input has made Khanmigo better for all learners. Check out the six things we’ve changed thanks to your feedback, and learn about upcoming updates.

Enhancements based on learner feedback

  • Adjusting reading style: Many learners expressed the wish to personalize Khanmigo’s reading style according to age and preference. We’ve introduced a Preferences menu to empower users to set their preferred reading style, which allows learners to customize the length and complexity of Khanmigo’s responses. 
  • New “Coach My Academic and Career Growth” activity: Learning goes beyond school and is a lifelong endeavor! We’ve added this feature to assist users who are seeking suggestions for the next steps in their studies or career. It will guide them directly to Khan Academy content and help them work on their goals.
  • New languages: The Khanmigo Activities page is now fully available in Spanish and Portuguese, and additional languages are supported by the Khanmigo chatbot as you navigate Khan Academy. We hope this will support learners who want to engage with content in the language they usually speak. 
  • Seamless code-reading and feedback: As you learn coding, Khanmigo can now read your code directly for immediate review and feedback. There’s no longer a need for copy-and-paste!
  • Expanded content: We’ve added more historical and literary characters you can chat with, as well as new vocab learning games like “Word Architect” that are designed to help users build prefixes and suffixes.
  • Resend message and bug fixes: Errors happen. Now you can resend messages without having to retype them. We’ve also addressed various bug reports to enhance the overall stability and performance of Khanmigo and have implemented easier feedback mechanisms. 

Upcoming improvements:

In addition to the enhancements we’ve already implemented, we have some exciting features in store for Khanmigo:

  • Essay Feedback activity: We’re developing an essay-feedback activity that will provide learners with detailed, interactive feedback and suggestions on how to improve their writing.
  • Math input widget: Some users mentioned they’ve been having trouble entering math equations into Khanmigo. We’re adding a new widget that will allow you to easily input equations and receive interactive feedback.

As we stand on the brink of an era where AI will play an increasing role in education and our work lives, it’s imperative that AI tools are designed end-to-end with the human experience in mind. 

Khan Academy has always prioritized making world-class education available to anyone, anywhere and we’re excited to uphold our mission as we continue to improve Khanmigo with your feedback. We can’t do it without your help!

If you’d like to try Khanmigo, sign up for the waitlist to get access, and be sure to share your feedback when you get started.

Thanks for your part in shaping Khanmigo! You can learn more about our approach to the nonprofit and ethical development of AI here. 

Hailey Dickson

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