IF you are able to spot the tiny ant hiding on the elephant’t body you could have a high IQ and 20/20 vision.

Get ready for a challenge and try finding the little creature in just 11 seconds.


Can you spot the tiny hidden ant on the elephant’s body?Credit: Britannica / Jagran Josh

This latest brainteaser will really put your eyesight and cognitive skills to the test as you race against the clock.

And this challenge is not to be taken lightly, with even the most experienced puzzle solvers left scratching their heads.

However, if you can spot the ant hiding in plain sight, you will be one of the select few to succeed.

The image might look simple to solve, as it’s just an elephant in a fairly plain background – not too many elements to distract you.

Try more optical illusions

The problem is that the little ant is almost perfectly camouflaged.

Have you spotted it already?

The key to solving this brainteaser is to pay attention to every single detail.

The time limit can add pressure, but try remain calm and focused as you go.

How about now? Did you find the tiny ant hiding on the elephant’s body? Keep going if not!

If you’re still struggling, don’t worry as there will be a solution at the bottom.

This is a classic example of an optical illusion, and is a great way to test your brainpower and improve your IQ skills.

Experts at FreshersLive named several benefits of solving brainteasers like this one.

These include mental stimulation, improved memory, enhanced problem-solving skills, reduced stress, improved mood, and increased productivity.

Overall, brain teasers are a great way to keep your mind sharp and engaged, and they can provide a variety of mental and emotional benefits.

Want to give a go at another challenge? Try spotting a prehistoric dinosaur among the flock of birds in under nine seconds.

In the image provided by Freshers Live, we can see a huge flock of birds flying in the sky.

With the sunset in the background, only the dark outlines of the birds can be seen in front of what remains of the blue sky.

However, somewhere within them is a flying dinosaur known as a Pterosaur.

This extinct flying reptile once had a wingspan of up to 36 feet, making it a true beast of the skies.

But in this photo, it is suspected to be much smaller than that – making it harder to spot.

If you are struggling to spot the flying dinosaur, then one clue that might help you is the size of its beak.

If you can find it then congratulations, you deserve a pat on the back.

But if you did so in nine seconds or less, then you have the eyesight of a dinosaur expert.

There she is! How long did it take you to find it?


There she is! How long did it take you to find it?Credit: Britannica / Jagran Josh
Can you spot the pterosaur among the flock of birds in less than nine seconds?


Can you spot the pterosaur among the flock of birds in less than nine seconds?Credit: Freshers Live
Were you able to spot the flying dinosaur in nine seconds or less?


Were you able to spot the flying dinosaur in nine seconds or less?Credit: Freshers Live

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