An American tourist died in a freak accident on Tuesday when a double-decker ferry transporting cruise passengers to an island excursion sank in the Bahamas.

The boat, which was carrying 100 passengers, departed from Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas, and was transporting passengers to Blue Lagoon Island around 9:30 a.m. local time. Video shows passengers jumping into the water to escape.

“Emergency teams from the island quickly arrived to render assistance,” Blue Lagoon said in a Facebook post. “Passengers and five staff members were located and brought to the island, and two passengers were taken to the hospital for additional care.”

Officials say a woman in her 70s was pulled from the water and later pronounced dead. Her identity has not yet been released.

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Terrifying cell phone footage from a passenger named Kelly Schissel shows the boat tipping and going under.

@kellyswitz our ferry went down on our way to Blue Lagoon #shipwreck #boat #boatsinking #bluelagoon #bahamas #ferry ♬ original sound – Kelly Schissel

Authorities are still investigating the incident.

Emily Rella

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