Are you wondering where is England located? England is a well-known destination primarily because of London, its capital city, and the Royal Family. Discover where England is on the map and find out some fun facts about this beautiful place.

Where exactly is England located? England is a country that’s part of Europe. Geographically,  it is separated from the continent and is instead part of the British Isles. It is bordered by Scotland on the north, Wales on the west, the English Channel on the south and the North Sea on the east. The latitude of England is 52.3555177 while its longitude is -1.1743197. 

Want to know more about England’s location? Let’s dig deeper and answer the questions you may have regarding where England is located.

Where is England Located? – Buckingham Palace in London, England

Where is England Located on the Map?


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England at a Glance

England is one of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom. The other three are Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. It is situated in the northwestern region of mainland Europe, specifically on the island of Great Britain.

One visit to England will make you curious about its ever-changing weather. This is primarily because of its geographical location. The whole of the UK is subject to a number of different air masses.

The landscape of England consists of mostly low hills and plains. Mountains can be found in the northern part of the country. Some iconic landmarks that attribute their beauty to England’s location are the White cliffs of Dover, the Lake District National Park and the Yorkshire Dales.

England is home to 40 commercial airports, 6 of them being in London alone. Here are some of the major airports in England:

  • Heathrow International Airport (LHR)
  • London Gatwick Airport (LGW)
  • London Stansted Airport (STN)
  • London Luton (LLA)
  • London City Airport (LCY)
  • Manchester Airport (MAN)
  • Birmingham Airport (BHX)
  • Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA)
  • Bristol Airport (BRS)
  • Newcastle Airport (NCL)
  • East Midlands Airport (EMA)
  • Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LPL)
  • Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA)

The time zone in England follows the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT.) The standard plug there is the British Standard 3-pin plug or socket. The currency used in England is the British Pound (GBP.)

How big is England? The size of England is 130,400 square kilometers or 50,334 square miles. It is the largest of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom.

Distance of England to Other UK Destinations

Fun Facts About England

  1. England is a country in the United Kingdom best known for the Royal Family, its rich literary heritage and the iconic historical landmarks that make for one fun informative trip.
  2. The capital city of England is London. London is famous for being the home of many tourist attractions such as the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the British Museum, the London Eye and the Big Ben.
  3. England is surrounded by bodies of water. You have the North Sea to the east, the English Channel to the south, and the Atlantic Ocean to the southwest.
  4. The name England comes from the English moniker “Englaland” which translates to “Land of the Angles.” The Angles were people from a Germanic tribe of the same name who inhabited Great Britain in the olden times.  
  5. England comprises over 100 small islands, most of which are too small to be inhabited. These include the Isle of White, the Isles of Scilly and the Farne Islands.
  6. The national symbol of England is the lion. The story behind this symbol goes back to King Richard I who is also known as Richard the Lionheart. You’ll see lions incorporated in England’s royal coat of arms and national football team badge, among many others.
  7. The English language is arguably the most spoken language in the world. This includes native and non-native English speakers. However, English wasn’t always England’s official language. French took over from the year 1066 until 1362.
  8. England is where you can find one of the world’s oldest man-made structures. The Stonehenge in South England is a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England built sometime between 3000 and 1520 BCE.
  9. England is home to some of the most unusual festivals in the world. This includes cheese rolling at Cooper’s Hill and worm charming in Willaston.
  10. The England coastline stretches for approximately 7,723 miles or 12,429 kilometers. You can find plenty of bays, estuaries, and beaches within the area.

More About England

  • England is filled with beautiful palaces and castles to visit! This includes Windsor Castle and the Tower of London. 
  • England, UK, Great Britain… Still, confused about which term to use? Read about the difference between the UK and Great Britain right here. 
  • There are lots of places to see in England! Get Your Guide is my go-to website for all things related to tours. 
  • England is well-connected within and with other neighboring countries in the UK and beyond. I trust Trainline and Omio when it comes to booking trains and bus rides. If I need to book a flight to England, I go to Skyscanner. When I need to rent a car to use in England, Discover Cars saves me a lot of time by giving me all options in just one click.

Frequently Asked Questions About England

Is England a country or UK?

England is a country in the United Kingdom (UK.) The UK is a sovereign state that’s made up of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Is England and the UK the same?

England and the UK are not the same. England is a country in the UK, while the UK is a sovereign state with 4 countries comprising it.

Is England in East or West Europe?

England is in West Europe.

Is England a country or a continent?

England is a country. It belongs to the European continent. 

Is our country England or the UK?

When asked about my country of residence, I indicate the United Kingdom as my country.

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Where is England located?


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