It’s not November, but we found out it can be Scorpio season all year-round. Or should we say… Scorpio Szn? We’ve discovered our newest obsession in indie pop and we decided to put you on! Trust us, one listen and you’ll see, too, that Scorpio Szn is definitely one of the artists you need to watch. We haven’t steered you wrong yet, have we?

Their newest single, ‘low key,’ is set to be released on January 27th and we’ve already started counting down the days! This is their first single of 2023 and we’d bet they’re about to make a huge splash. Here’s what we know so far: ‘low key’ is going to be a love story of the tragic variety (or favorite tbh!) about a relationship that finds itself in limbo. They’re still in love, but it’s over. Will they move on because they know that’s best? We’re already on the edge of our seats!

Anxious to check out ‘low key’ for yourself? You can click here to pre-save on iTunes and Spotify!

While you wait, stay over on their Spotify and check out the rest of their discography. There is bop after bop to tide you over until release day. What are some of our personal favorites? Wow, thanks for asking! We’re huge fans of ‘Sugar Sugar,’ ‘No Inches In Between,’ and of course ‘Favorite Song,’ which you can watch below.

‘Favorite Song’

They don’t call this ‘Favorite Song’ for a reason! It’s the perfect addition to your car riding playlist that will make you ready to cruise with the windows down, stop at Sonic, and make memories with your favorite people. Chill vibes only!

We’re pumped when we can find awesome feel-good artists and oh, did we strike gold with Scorpio Szn! They’ve promised ‘low key’ won’t be the last we hear this year, so that sounds like we can all look forward to more in the future from our new favorite water sign-themed band. That’s a category, right?

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Jordan Mallory

Writer for The Honey Pop and Founder of Electric Fame. Cat mom, poet, traveler, and aspiring professional concertgoer.

Jordan Mallory

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