Having guests to stay is a wonderful way to catch up and spend quality time with friends and family. Making their stay as comfortable as possible is a great way to impress them and make their visit memorable for all the right reasons. 

To create a cosy haven to impress your guests, it’s a good idea to find out how comfortable your guest room is by spending the night there. This will give you the full experience and show you where improvements need to be made – like the lamp that needs a new bulb, the draught that blows through at night, or the lumpy mattress that makes sleeping a chore.

Invest in comfort

Your guests will definitely appreciate a comfortable bed that allows them to get a good night’s sleep and wake refreshed.   

Choose a mattress and pillow that will support your guests while they sleep. You can also add extra cushions they can use for sitting up when reading or relaxing.

The essentials

No matter how many times you pack, leaving something vital behind is easy. Help your guests avoid feeling too needy by leaving out the little essentials they may have left behind.

Essential items could include: a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, sunscreen and moisturiser. It’s nice to also include a bottle of water and a glass in case they need a drink during the night.

impress your guests with luxury towels


One of life’s luxuries is getting out of the shower into a soft, freshly laundered towel after a long journey or busy day. Share this little luxury with your guest by leaving them soft fluffy towels at the foot of the bed, on a chair, or in the ensuite.   

The bamboo towels from Panda London are a perfect addition to any home and are sure to impress your guests. They are made from a luxurious soft bamboo-cotton blend and remain fluffy and silky to the touch wash after wash.

A bedside lamp and table 

Navigating and sleeping in a strange room can often be a challenge. Keep the space free from clutter, and give your guests a bedside table and lamp. These little additions will help them keep their essential items like a glass of water and glasses nearby, and the lamp will help them if they need to get up at night or to read.   

Also, leave a few books or magazines that can be browsed if they want to read before sleeping, or if they struggle to sleep during the night.

bedroom with blue and white colour scheme

A warm welcome

As your guests settle in, it’s nice to leave them a note, and maybe a few chocolates, to let them know how pleased you are to have them stay with you. You can also add any other practical details they may need, like the Wi-Fi code, to make their stay more pleasurable. 

A few snacks  

Guests can quickly get hungry when mealtimes differ from what they are used to. Leaving snacks and treats in their room will tide them over until the next meal, preventing them from going hungry or feeling awkward about asking for food.

impress your guests with fresh flowers in your home

Fresh flowers  

Fresh flowers are an impressive addition to any room, and are sure to impress your guests and show you have made an extra effort to ensure their stay is good.

Adding just a few extra special touches can help guests feel welcome and relaxed, and make their stay memorable and enjoyable for all the right reasons. Do you have any other ways to make sure guests in your home feel comfortable?


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