How many artists do you know from Siberian Russia that are making a name for themselves on the global stage? No matter your answer, you need to count VeeAlwaysHere as one! This dynamic Korean-American artist is quickly taking Los Angeles and the world by storm, so get ahead now and start stanning him before he’s a household name. We recommend starting with the absolute bop that is ‘other side!’

[This song tells] the story of a socially awkward character who falls in love with the ‘popular’ girl, and over time she sees something great in him and they fall in love. ‘other side,’ for me, symbolizes this completely different life she is living, a whole different world. And while I know we’re not meant to be together, I believe in this tropey happy ending and I’m already ‘packing my bags’ to go move to that ‘other side’ and do my best to fit in just to be with her.


The music video represents the distant-world theme in such a cool way – most scenes place Vee by himself in a fairly empty apartment, but the scenes with his lover have either neon or warm lighting to mirror how electrifying and cozy it can feel when they’re together. And starring as the lover is one of our favorite Instagram and TikTok style icons, Nava Rose! If you aren’t as in love with her as Vee’s character is by the end of this video… we do not understand.

If you love ‘other side,’ you’re in luck, because it features on VeeAlwaysHere’s latest project, ego: playlist I! It gives us eight back-to-back masterpieces that push Vee into new artistic territory while also leaning back to his roots – the standout track ‘right now’ with jujuland has some lines in Korean, which he told HypnoticAsia was a motivator for him to keep learning the language. Altogether, ego paints a picture of who Vee is and where he’s going, so make sure you buckle up and get ready for the ride.

Not only did I want to let go of my usual writing and producing habits, but also sounds, subject matter and styles that I generally gravitate towards in my process. This project is all about me being entirely outside of my comfort zone, and the title ego symbolizes the idea of me being comfortable in a variety of different genres as a musician. ego is about the music artist that I want to be and have always envisioned myself being one day.


So what do you think? Did we bring you to the ‘other side’ and convince you to stan VeeAlwaysHere? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more new music recs your playlist will thank you for, click here.


Madison Murray

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