The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine said its forces had killed a number of Wagner Group soldiers, as it released footage of a strike in Bakhmut on Sunday.

The clip was posted on the Border Guard Service’s Facebook page and showed soldiers scurrying into what appeared to be garages. It claimed at least 15 soldiers were killed in the attack.

The footage comes as Ukrainian officials are speaking positively about the progress being made in the region. At the same time, Russia has been continuously criticized for its military failures over the recent period.

Ukraine’s State Border Guard Service released a video showing Wagner Group soldiers being killed, on Sunday. Ukraine claimed to have killed at least 15 Wagner Group soldiers as they attempted to flee in nearby garages.
State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

The Facebook group said on the video, according to the Ukrainian online newspaper Pravda: “Border guards’ aerial reconnaissance spotted a cluster of Wagner Group fighters in Bakhmut.

“Having tracked where a group of [Wagner Group fighters] retreated, [Ukrainian border guards] were able to determine that the enemy forces clustered in an area where there are several garages. A mortar attack forced the occupation forces to disperse.

“At least 15 [Wagner Group] mercenaries were killed in the attack.”

On Sunday, Serhii Cherevaty, the spokesperson for Ukraine’s Eastern Military Command, said Ukrainian troops had stabilized the situation around the city.

“Yesterday, there were 18 assaults on the entire Bakhmut front, today there were 17. Before that, there were from 35 to 50 or more. However, this requires more detailed verification and analysis,” he said.

On Friday, Ukrainian General Valery Zaluzhny also commented on the situation in Bakhmut, saying: “Due to the tremendous efforts of the Defense Forces, we are managing to stabilize the situation.”

Cherevaty has also said that Russia has been losing more and more military equipment, including tanks, assault vehicles and drones, as well as infantry.

The Command of the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine last week shared clips of some of the losses Russia has taken.

Russian Radar System

In a video, the page showed the destruction of a Russian Zoopark-2 radar system that was being used to detect Ukrainian artillery fire and positions.

The Ukrainian page captioned the clip: “SSO operators continue hunting for ‘fat’ enemy targets,” according to a Google translation.

“In the Donetsk direction, during aerial reconnaissance, the unit of the Special Operations Forces detected and pursued the 1L220 “Zoopark-2” radar complex of reconnaissance and fire control, which was constantly changing its position.

“After transmitting the coordinates of the placement of the counter-battery complex, one of the units of the Defense Forces was hit by fire,” it said.

The aerial video clip shows the Zoopark-2 radar moving down a road before it is blown up in a strike.

According to the OE Date Integration Network website, which catalogs weapons of war, the Zoopark-2 can detect mortars, cannon artillery, rockets and tactical missile batteries.

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