Oh, Tommy Tuberville. The Alabama Republican continues to soak up all the attention he can from his blockade on military promotions, and if that means going on “The Kimberly Guilfoyle Show” and telling a Trumpworld figure who appears unable to move any part of her face that the military may be paying for after-birth abortions, so be it.


“They can’t tell us about the policy in terms of the abortions themselves,” Tuberville said. “You know, it’s been rape, incest, or health of the mom, but we asked in one of our hearings, you know, what month are you going to go by for the abortion? They couldn’t tell us whether it was abortion after birth.”

It sounds like what he’s saying is that the U.S. military is giving its members and their families the respect of letting them get legal medical care without having to justify themselves. But just saying that wouldn’t be attention-grabbing enough, so “they couldn’t tell us whether it was abortion after birth” it is, although that is not a thing.

Even if you give Tuberville the benefit of the doubt and figure that he was trying to be funny, it’s still … not. “Oh, ha ha ha, they’re so untrustworthy and extreme that they couldn’t even tell us if something that is impossible is happening.” But Tuberville’s comment fits squarely into ongoing Republican lies that Democratic abortion policy is pro-infanticide—and it’s Tommy Tuberville. Is it even possible to underestimate his acuity and understanding of policy?

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Laura Clawson

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