The US interior design industry is worth almost $26 billion, and over the past half-decade, it has been growing at an average rate of 3.6%. Of this, more than $400 million was contributed by Pennsylvania alone, making it one of the larger markets in the country. Homeowners from areas like Pittsburgh are increasingly relying on various interior design companies to redo their residences with their own unique taste and style.

Among the leading interior design trends is elevating the color tone and the brightness of the house. Adding larger windows, making room for more natural light to enter, and using a combination of both subtle as well as vibrant colors are some of the ideas people are implementing with the intention of making their homes feel bigger and brighter. The warmth and spaciousness that these elements bring along is something that every homeowner appreciates.

If you are also considering a renovation to elevate the contrast and brightness levels inside your home, here are a few tips that can help:

Explore window replacement options

There are many ways in which your home can be made to look much brighter and even more spacious. The most effective one, though, is window replacement. Adding large picture windows allows more natural light to enter the room, and in cities like Pittsburgh, where there are a lot of sunny days, there is no better solution. You can look up the top Pittsburgh Window Replacement company near you to get in touch with them and talk more about the available options.

Play with mirrors

There is no alternative to natural light. However, light in general, be it the sun’s rays or artificial illumination, has a special effect on any room. One obvious solution is replacing your windows, which can sometimes be expensive and beyond your budget. So, what’s next in line? Well, mirror, of course. While a bigger window will allow more light to enter the home, mirrors can reflect the light already there to make the place brighter.

Modern interior designs use mirrors strategically to create warmth and comfort while also elevating the brightness level of any room. One large mirror or a few small ones scattered throughout the room can instantly transform the space into something more lively and vibrant. You can also experiment with features embedded within the mirrors, like ring lighting or electric touch and sensors.

Change furniture placement

This one may seem irrelevant, but bear with us because it is not. A lot of times, various pieces of furniture like the couch or a seat are obstructing light sources. These items can be either in front of the windows or close to a lamp you’ve placed in the room. They may seem aesthetically pleasing where they are, but since they are blocking the light, the room can feel dimly lit when it is not.

You don’t need to invest in changing the furniture altogether. Just rearrange it somehow. If the room where the couch, table, or chair is doesn’t have enough space, consider moving it to a different place in the house. As you remove the obstructing objects, you instantly make the room feel not just brighter but bigger at the same time.

Eliminate clutter

Many a time, people can go overboard with their decorations. For instance, built-ins or wall shelves are more for display than storage. People, though, act the opposite. They can pack objects on various shelves, making the room look organized and obstructing light, especially if most items here are darker tones.

Similarly, too much furniture or haphazard arrangements can make a place feel dark even when it is not. All you need to do in order to address this situation is remove any and all clutter that exists in the room. Streamline the flow of the room and create as much of a minimalist look as possible. Even slight organization can make a huge difference here.

Add lighter window treatments

If you want to make a room brighter and have heavy curtains hanging in front of each window, you may have an effective solution. Indeed, this is a matter of personal preference because curtains or other heavy window treatments can allow you to control the amount of light entering a space when you want, but they also hinder the flow of light when you want more.

In this case, getting lighter window treatments like sheers or blinds is more effective. Even when they are fully extended, these hangings allow light to enter the space, making it feel cozy but well-lit at the same time. Sheers offer less privacy than curtains, but at the same time, they make a room feel brighter and much more spacious.

Give the landscaping a fresh look

Take a peek outside your windows. Trim back branches from trees hanging low or untidy shrubbery to allow more light in and reclaim your perspective of the garden or backyard. Additionally, if you make changes to the landscaping surrounding the outside of your residence, consider how the freshly installed plants will appear once they have reached their full size rather than just how they appear in the nursery.

Change the fabric and color tones of the room

Colors have a significant impact on how bright and spacious a room appears. Even the smallest room with eloquently picked, subtle color tones can feel extremely large and the biggest rooms with darker hues can appear small. It is all about perspective but more about objects that reflect or absorb light. Darker colors tend to soak in more light, while lighter shades reflect it. Therefore, your choice of color theme influences the amount of light a room retains.

If you want to elevate the brightness of the space, it is best to go with lighter, more subtle color tones. Pale shades of blue and gray, light terracotta and even the less bright shades of yellow can help you achieve that look. You can also go for lighter fabrics like lace, linen, and cotton instead of fur, velvet, and wool, which are relatively heavier.


Making a room feel bigger and brighter is all about the light that enters a room and how well it is retained. Look around the house and figure out how to address the light situation. You can start your redesign from there.


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