Tips for Laboratory Equipment Care and Maintenance

Your lab’s supplies are what allow you to complete experiments and tests. Maintaining these supplies and keeping them in optimal condition can help your laboratory be more efficient and prevent downtime from damaged materials. If you’re wondering what your lab staff can do to practice proper handling, here are some tips for laboratory equipment care and maintenance to follow.

Daily Wipe-Down and Cleaning

To promote safe conditions in your laboratory and practice proper equipment care, you should clean your lab’s surfaces and tools daily. Certain types of lab equipment will require unique cleaning methods and solutions. For example, surgical scissors used for various lab applications may require cleaning and sanitation due to their contact with biological samples.

Daily cleaning practices include using the proper cleaning solutions for each of your laboratory’s surfaces, including workstations, equipment exteriors, sinks, and more. You should also regularly sweep and clean your lab floors to prevent tripping and falling hazards and increase cleanliness.

Conduct Personal and Professional Inspections

Another tip to practice proper laboratory care and maintenance is to conduct equipment inspections frequently. You should briefly inspect your lab tools each time you use them and conduct thorough inspections at least quarterly.

Professional inspections are especially important for emergency equipment throughout your laboratory. These procedures help ensure your emergency equipment, such as wash stations, fire alarms, sprinklers, and more, will be in proper working order if an emergency occurs. Schedule professional inspections at least annually.

Schedule Regular Maintenance and Repairs

Just like any other type of professional equipment, your laboratory supplies may eventually require repairs. Daily inspections can help you catch early signs of damage and allow you to schedule prompt repairs. Another way to take care of your lab equipment and prevent breakdowns is to schedule regularly occurring maintenance. Keep a log of your lab maintenance so you can anticipate when you’ll need additional maintenance and repairs in the future.

Practicing these tips for laboratory equipment care and maintenance can help you prolong the use of your lab’s tools. High-quality and technical tools need proper care to be able to provide quality results. Remember these tips to promote success and efficiency in your lab.

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