It has been reported 55.4 Million Americans are expected to travel this Thanksgiving holiday. This forecast is a 2.3% increase over last year, the third highest since 2000, so be ready for crowds.  Whether near or far, you might want to bring some “treats” to use while away from home, TSA frowns on it, but here are some tips for holiday travel with weed.

If you plan to use while traveling, which we caution, here are a few suggestions. One, forgot flower and vapes, too smelly, too noticeable and too annoying to those who can make traveling difficult.  Gummies are the easiest and least noticeable, especially since airports sell tons of regular candy.  Don’t overindulge, you don’t want to be the subject of some’s viral video or be stopped by TSA, security of the Highway Patrol.

Now about bringing treats with you on your trip.

By Air

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Wouldn’t it be great to not have to worry about weed when traveling? Sadly, we’re not there yet, far from it, in fact. While some airports are fine with it, others are not. For example, Denver’s airport, which is located in the very legal state of Colorado, forbids cannabis.

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As for the Travel Security Administration (TSA), their stance is pretty clear. Since marijuana is federally illegal, passengers will be stopped if they have cannabis on them. Still, it helps to know your rights; don’t interact with police officers unless you have to and, if detained or arrested, let them know you don’t consent to a search and you want a lawyer.

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Still, if you’re traveling with a vape pen or some edibles, it’s very unlikely you’ll be stopped. When it comes to flower, especially if it’s large amounts, we’d advise to store your well earned weed in a mason jar and to hide it away from sunlight in some cabinet in your apartment, waiting for you upon your return. If you’re going home for the holidays, use some of your old contacts for weed, or mooch off of some cousin.

By Land

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The rules of traveling by land are similar to those on air; while the states where you’re traveling to and from may be legal, the drug remains illegal on a federal level, making matters complicated.

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While there are penalties for traveling with weed, especially if you have large amounts of it, officers are not actively on the lookout for them. This means that if you are driving consciously you likely won’t have trouble mobilizing your weed. Make sure you store your weed in an airtight container or that you prioritize edibles and vapes, since these are more discreet and less likely to be spotted. And make sure you don’t embibe and drive.

What About Medical Marijuana?

medical marijuana

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If you have a medical marijuana card, you might face less hurdles. Still, it’s not a clear path. Be sure to have your doctor’s certificate, your marijuana medical ID card, and your physician’s number. Ideally, you’d be traveling to a state with medical marijuana reciprocity. Make sure you have the smallest amount possible on you, keeping your weed stored in a convenient place.

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