It’s a good day for small form factor PC case deals, apparently, as you can now pick up Fractal Design’s gorgeous wood-adorned Terra case in Jade or Silver for $150 after a rare $30 discount for Black Friday.

This case has attracted rave reviews from hardware journalists and users alike, and just looks completely unlike almost everything else on the market which is awesome.

The Terra gets huge plaudits for its ease-of-use too, with all panels being toollessly removeable to provide easy access to the internals. There’s space enough for a triple-slot graphics card up to 320mm long, your standard Mini ITX motherboard, two 2.5-inch SATA SSDs if you want them, 120mm fans/radiators and an SFX or even SFX-L power supply. This small of a design isn’t ideal for a truly high-end built – the Revolt 3 might be a better choice there – but for mid-range builds the Terra is a beautiful choice. Build quality is excellent too.

Here are some YouTube reviews of the Terra in case they’re useful, from Gamers Nexus (top) and Hardware Canucks (bottom).

The Gamers Nexus Fractal Terra review.

The Hardware Canucks Fractal Terra review.

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