Meet Zackey Rahimi, someone who apparently has never met a situation he didn’t try to shoot his way out of, including family, random drivers, and Whataburger.

Jess and Imani are back to break down last week’s Supreme Court oral arguments in his case, United States v. Rahimi, which boils down to originalism on steroids. As Jess says Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar’s oral arguments showed, “If you believe in originalism like, really believe in it with your whole chest, then you also really believe in Christian patriarchy that includes men having dominion over women and children the same way that God has dominion over his creations. That’s how you enshrine that kind of dominionist religious belief into legal code. That idea of dominion as a philosophy is the basis of property law—and now it might become the basis of Second Amendment law.”


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