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Claim by Rita Harris: Florida Senate Bill 2A does not provide “immediate relief” to homeowners dealing with high property insurance rates and “will force some … constituents to pay up to 20% more.”

Politifact rating: Mostly True (To drive consumers back into the private homeowners insurance market, the law will not allow homeowners to renew their coverage with Citizens if they receive an offer from a private insurer that is only 20% more expensive. Mark Friedlander, a spokesperson for the nonpartisan Insurance Information Institute, said the Florida law is not intended to lower premiums for homeowners immediately, but rather to “lay the groundwork” for a stable market.)

Florida’s property insurance overhaul doesn’t promise ‘immediate relief’

Claim by Kari Lake (R): “We won” the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election.

AFP Fact Check rating: False (No)

Kari Lake falsely claims she won Arizona governor’s race

Claim by Elon Musk: “My commitment to free speech extends even to not banning the account following my plane, even though that is a direct personal safety risk.”

Politifact rating: Full Flop (Twitter CEO Elon Musk said in November that he was so strongly committed to free speech he would not ban the account @ElonJet, which used publicly available data to track movements of his jet. Twitter suspended @ElonJet Dec. 14. The account remained suspended as of Dec. 20.)

Elon Musk said he wouldn’t ban the Twitter account tracking his jet. Weeks later, he suspended it

TRUE Is it real: A photograph shows Jared Kushner and Elon Musk watching side-by-side as spectators at the FIFA World Cup final match between Argentina and France. rating: True (Yes, taken at the World Cup.)

Is This a Real Photo of Jared Kushner and Elon Musk at the FIFA World Cup?

FALSE Claim via Social Media: Recent blood clots or strokes in four major athletes are an unwanted effect of COVID-19 vaccines.

Politifact rating: False (No evidence)

There’s no evidence linking COVID-19 vaccine to these athletes’ strokes, blood clots

FALSE (International: Russia): Claim by Vladimir Putin: “As you know, an unprecedented sanctions aggression has been launched against Russia… aimed at crushing our economy… As we can see – in fact, this is common knowledge – this plan has fallen through.” rating: False

Putin’s Fictitious Optimism About Russian Economy

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