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Claim by the Palmer Report: Jan. 6 Investigation can move to Senate after GOP House win.

Newsweek rating: Needs Context (The House January 6 committee cannot simply be moved across to the Senate in its current form. However, it is possible for the Senate to set up its own January 6 committee, which could potentially access material collected by the House committee, and seek to employ its former staff.)

Fact Check: Can Jan. 6 investigation move to Senate after GOP took House?

Palmer Report Rating

Claim via Social Media: The Club Q shooting was a “false flag.”

Politifact rating: Pants on Fire (News articles, witness testimonies and 911 call logs are evidence that the shooting occurred and not a false flag operation as claimed on social media.)

No, the Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs was not a false flag

Claim by Stew Peters via The movie “Died Suddenly” demonstrates that COVID-19 vaccinations cause widespread sudden death or severe medical outcomes.

Lead Stories rating: False (Reused debunked claims.)

Fact Check: Movie ‘Died Suddenly’ Does NOT Demonstrate That COVID-19 Vaccines Cause Sudden Death

Rumble Rating

Claim by Raphael Warnock (D): Herschel Walker “wants a nationwide ban on abortion” and said no exceptions “not even for rape or incest or life of the mother.”

PolitiFact rating: Mostly True (For most of his Senate campaign, Georgia Republican Herschel Walker has supported a national ban on abortion. He’s also said there shouldn’t be exceptions for rape, incest or life of the mother. Walker’s stance hasn’t been consistent. Late in his campaign, Walker said he supported two measures that included exceptions — a 2019 Georgia law and a proposal by Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.)

Herschel Walker backs efforts that further his goal of banning abortion

FALSE Claim via Social media: Post implies Texas elections ‘called’ with ‘0% reporting’ is proof of fraud.

USA Today rating: False (Most Bexar County votes were cast before Election Day. At least one candidate conceded her race based on early voting results, according to local media. The county did not “call” any races before all the votes were tallied and will not certify the results until Nov. 22.)

Fact check: Some Texas races determined based on early voting tallies aren’t proof of fraud

FALSE (International: India): Video shows controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik converting four people in Qatar during the FIFA World Cup 2022

BOOM FactCheck rating: False

Old Video Showing Zakir Naik Lecture Falsely Linked To World Cup In Qatar | BOOM

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