Netflix held a premiere for the final season of The Crown in Los Angeles last night. The first four episodes of the season drop on Thursday, with the last six releasing next month.

Not all of the cast attended, presumably because the SAG-AFTRA strike has been over for less than a week and not everyone was available last minute. Pictured above are Elizabeth Debicki (Diana), Ed McVey (Will), Meg Bellamy (Kate), Luther Ford (Harry), and Khalid Abdalla (Dodi Fayed).

Under the cut are interviews from the red carpet, which include minor spoilers for the season — not about what happens, since that’s obviously common knowledge, but about how the events are presented. Just a heads up if anyone wants to go in knowing as little as possible.

Show creator and writer Peter Morgan talks about writing the aftermath of Diana’s death in a show, after dramatizing the same period in his movie The Queen

Elizabeth Debicki talks about appearing as the ghost of Diana after her death on the show, a script choice which will surely not be controversial at all (especially after the drama of last season’s release)

To be fair, Morgan disputed the use of the word “ghost” and described appearances of Diana later in the season as being more like a manifestation of grief

A real star: Enjoy Ziggy the corgi’s appearance on the red carpet

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ontd, do you think there will be as much of an uproar over this season as there was about last season?


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