The Challenge’s Wes Bergmann plans to share his reality TV legacy with his future child.

“I think that in some capacity, I’m going to have to explain this part of my life to my child,” Wes, 39, exclusively told Us Weekly on Monday, September 18. “It would be naive of me to think that I could just ignore it. I’m going to have to explain to him or her that their dad is different.” (Wes’ wife, Amanda Hornick, is currently pregnant with the couple’s first baby.)

He continued: “I almost hesitate to say the word extraordinary, but f—k it. Let’s call a spade a spade. I’m extraordinary … and different and an anomaly. … Their dad is different and they’re going to stand out and they need to be aware of why. And that comes with pros and cons, and they need to be warned and taught what that means.”

Wes has cemented his reputation as a Challenge legend over the years with three wins under his belt: The Duel in 2011, Rivals II in 2013 and All Stars 3 in 2022. While appearing on season 2 of The Challenge: USA, which premiered last month, Wes spoke candidly about the competition being his last stint on the show as he prepares for fatherhood. He was eliminated during the Thursday, September 21, episode after losing to Chris Underwood in the Arena.

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The Challenge’s Wes Bergmann Says Future Child Needs to Know ‘Their Dad Is Different’

Wes Bergmann
Aaron Smith, courtesy of Paramount

Although Wes admitted to Us that there’s always a chance he could change his mind about returning to the show, he doesn’t see that happening. “I ask myself, ‘Why would I do that? Do I need to get a fourth Challenge championship?’ I’ve done it all,” he explained.

Wes also said that when he revealed his retirement plans to his fellow Challenge: USA competitors, his intentions got “massively misinterpreted” and “none of them really even believed me.”

During an August episode of the CBS reality series, several cast members were unimpressed by Wes talking about his impending departure from the franchise as he tried to avoid going into the Arena. (Desi Williams called it “a sob story” executed “in true Wes form.”) However, Wes has a message for people who found his actions manipulative.

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The Challenge’s Wes Bergmann Says Future Child Needs to Know ‘Their Dad Is Different’
Courtesy of Wes Bergmann/Instagram

“Anytime people are like, ‘Oh, he’s trying to manipulate me,’ you’re literally just admitting that you’re an idiot,” he told Us. “Am I hypnotizing people? … It legitimately is never manipulation. That word gets used by my enemies about me, which is propaganda. I create mutually advantageous relationships with people in the house that then hurt people that are not part of those mutually advantageous relationships. It’s called business.”

Although Wes displayed his conflicted emotions about leaving The Challenge behind this season, he told Us that he feels reasonably prepared for the life changes that come with parenthood.

“I am as ready as someone can be, but I’m also very cognizant of the fact that no one is actually ready until it happens. I’ve got a good, healthy mindset of partial excitement, partial ready for war,” he said.

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The Challenge’s Wes Bergmann Says Future Child Needs to Know ‘Their Dad Is Different’
Paul Castillero/Paramount+

After emphasizing that he’s “not underestimating an ounce” of what lies ahead, Wes acknowledged that he’s “done some really hard things” in his life prior to this.

“[Challenge host] T.J. [Lavin] once told me to jump out of an airplane without a parachute. I can handle changing diapers,” he said. “Also, my wife is very smart and patient and positive and happy, and we’re going to do this together.”

Wes and Amanada tied the knot in 2018 after getting engaged two years earlier at a Kansas City Royals game. They announced their baby news via Instagram in April, joking in the caption that they aim to make their child “the next great ginger genius.”

The Challenge: USA airs Thursdays on CBS at 10 p.m. ET.

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