If you’ve been tuning in to The Challenge, then you’ve obviously seen a few familiar faces, but no one is as recognisable as Cyrell Paule.

A former MAFS gal, Cyrell was best known during her time on the controversial show for her frequent outbursts, which resulted in her being nicknamed “Cyclone Cyrell”.

Years later, she’s thriving with a son and a great relationship, but she had the itch to return to television, and that’s when The Challenge came knocking.

“The last two years, I’ve been very focused on my son — and that’s not a bad thing, that’s great — but I kind of lost sight of being the old cyclone that I was and I just really wanted to push myself, which is why I said yes to the show,” Cyrell told POPSUGAR Australia.

Anyone watching would assume MAFS is a completely different show to The Challenge, which sees 22 reality stars go head to head in a series of physical challenges to win $200,000.

And for the most part, that’s correct. But The Challenge doesn’t shy away from the drama, and according to Cyrell, that’s a commonality it shares with MAFS.

“Both shows had a lot of snakes,” she said with a laugh. “They did not like Cyclone Cyrell and they wanted me out of there!”

As for regrets, Cyrell says she has none. Unashamed and completely unfiltered, she said, “I wish I said more, and I wish (Network Ten) showed more.

“With me, what you see is what you get.”

While her time on the show is up, Cyrell is still keeping one eye open, specifically for contestant Conor Curran.

In footage that wasn’t aired, Cyrell revealed that the two had gotten into an enormous argument, resulting in the former MAFS bride to unleash.

“I told off that little weasel Conor; he was a little shifty one, I’m telling you right now,” she said.

“Don’t let his scrambled eggs fool you. He basically threw me under the bus, and I called him out on it, but Channel 10 didn’t end up airing it.”

And when asked what she would have done with the money had she won, she had a surprisingly wholesome (yet still hilarious) response.

“Truthfully, I would have put it towards my son’s education. I don’t want him to be a reality TV star — maybe he can become an English teacher so he can get me to speak properly.”

The Challenge Australia airs at 7.30pm on Network Ten on Mondays and Tuesdays. Catch up on 10 Play.

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