When it comes to getting dressed up for a night out, I find myself running into the same annoying problem time and again. No matter how I adjust it, my bra always shows whenever I wear a top or a dress with a low back. And while going braless might be a viable option for some, it’s not usually something that I prefer to do. So began my search for the best backless bras, and I think I have finally found them.

In short, there are a ton of backless bra styles, ranging from something that looks like a slightly enhanced version of a typical pasty to a full-on bustier-style bra top. Some are strapless, while others looked more akin to the classic multi-way bras I currently own. Each type offers a different level of support and coverage, which means that it’s best to have several versions on hand, just in case.

A few of the options I found also feature a low-back design rather than being entirely backless, which I found lends more support while still appearing to be virtually invisible under a low top. If, like me, you’re in need of something that offers both coverage and a bit of support, keep scrolling. I’ve rounded up the best backless bras that I could find on the internet.

Julia Marzovilla

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