SCREAMING passengers were left covered in blood after being tossed around the cabin on a flight from hell over the Atlantic.

Twelve travellers were hurt and one broke her nose smashing into the ceiling when the Airbus A330 hit “extreme” turbulence.


One passenger smashed hr nose on the ceiling during a flight from hellCredit: Twitter
Trays and pillows were strewn around the cabin


Trays and pillows were strewn around the cabinCredit: Twitter
Twelve passengers were injured and three needed hospital treatment


Twelve passengers were injured and three needed hospital treatmentCredit: Twitter

Suitcases and laptops were flung around the cabin during the terrifying episode at 38,000ft.

Social media pictures showed trays, pillows and personal belongings strewn up the aisle, and people patched up with bandages.

The Aerolineas Argentinas jet took off from Madrid on Tuesday evening bound for Buenos Aires.

Most of the 271 passengers were asleep when the plane was rocked by violent shaking off the coast of Brazil, the airline said.

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It said the seatbelt sign was on at the time and an announcement was made.

Some of those who were unbuckled were thrown out of their seats, it said.

Passenger Adrian Torres told El Pais: “We had flown about seven hours and almost all of us slept, because at that time it was almost 3am in Spain.

“The plane started to move a lot and I said to my colleagues, ‘how much turbulence, buckle up! 

“As I fumbled for my seat belt, the plane encountered severe turbulence.”

He said the plane dropped suddenly and he hit the ceiling, suffering bruising.

Another passenger, Esperanza Borrás, said she had unbuckled her seatbelt for a short time and did not hear a warning.

She then hit her head on the roof and broke her nasal septum. 

The plane landed as scheduled at Ezeiza airport near the Argentine capital.

Aerolineas Argentinas said three people were admitted to hospital and nine suffered minor injuries.

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The plane did not suffer any significant damage to its structure, it added.

Earlier this month a flight attendant revealed why cabin crew are afraid of turbulence.

The Aerolineas Argentinas jet was violently shaken as passengers slept at 38,000ft


The Aerolineas Argentinas jet was violently shaken as passengers slept at 38,000ftCredit: AFP

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