SHOCKING new details have emerged in the twisted tale of two schoolgirls accused of killing their 12-year-old classmate.

Police have revealed that the young girl – only identified as Luise – was stabbed 32 times with a nail file before being left for dead in the woods near the town of Freudenberg, Germany.


A picture of the 12-year-old victim, Luise, whose body was found in the woods on March 12Credit: Handout
A makeshift memorial left near to where the victim's body was discovered


A makeshift memorial left near to where the victim’s body was discoveredCredit: Newsflash

It is the latest news to emerge in the grisly case that has shocked the country, and a definitive motive is yet to be revealed.

The victim – known only as Luise due to Germany’s strict privacy laws – was reported missing on the afternoon of March 11 after she did not return home after visiting one of the suspects.

Her body was then tragically discovered the following day on March 12 after cops launched a huge search with drones, sniffer dogs and a helicopter.

Two girls, aged 12 and 13, admitted to the murder in the wake of the gruesome discovery.

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The victim’s body had been dumped near a cycling path in a wooded area close to her home, which lies 50 miles east of Cologne.

They suspects were both known to Luise and reportedly attended the same school, while the 13-year-old was allegedly in the same class and rode the bus with the victim everyday.

Koblenz prosecutor Mario Mannweiler told a press conference soon after their confession: “This is of course a very unusual and shocking act, even for us.”

After searching for the murder weapon in the woods, police have now revealed that she was stabbed 32 times with a nail file before being thrown down a steep embankment and left for dead in freezing temperatures.

Other gruesome details have emerged, including Luise’s killers putting a plastic bag over her head as one said: “hit her with a stone or she would be lying next to her,” the Mail reported.

In a shocking twist, the pair have been taken into the custody of a youth welfare office instead of being hauled into a cell.

The age of criminal responsibility in Germany is 14, putting the two girls who stand charged under the age limit.

Her heartbroken parents have paid tribute to their daughter in their local newspaper.

“There are no words to conceive of the inconceivable. For us the world stands still,” they said.

“You can’t see sorrow, you can’t hear it, you can only feel it.”

On Saturday, a constant stream of friends, family and locals walked to a makeshift shrine for Luise and tributes have been pouring in, including from her mourning classmates.

Police searching the woods near to where the victim's body was found with metal detectors and dogs


Police searching the woods near to where the victim’s body was found with metal detectors and dogsCredit: Reuters
The disused railways tunnel which Luise was allegedly led down by her killers


The disused railways tunnel which Luise was allegedly led down by her killersCredit: Newsflash


Reports claim Luise was visiting the 13-year-old suspect at her home on Saturday before she went missing.

The two girls are believed to have lured Luise to her death through a disused railways tunnel close to the woods where her body was found.

The younger girl then joined the two of them and the trio were spotted walking into the woods nearby by neighbours.

It is claimed that the 12-year-old was forced to assist in the killing by her older alleged accomplice.

Police revealed that Luise died from blood loss caused by her numerous wounds inflicted by what we now know was a nail file.

The 13-year-old girl reportedly called Luise’s parents and spun them a web of lies, saying their daughter was on her way home.

She allegedly called the slain schoolgirl’s phone several times because she was “worried” – despite leaving Luise to die in the freezing woods.

The day after the murder, the two suspects are claimed to have filmed a sickening clip of them dancing for TikTok.

Police said that under questioning, the two girls started to make contradictory statements before both confessing on March 13.

The parents of the accused child killers have reportedly been moved away for their safety but remain in contact with their daughters.

It is not yet clear what the killers’ motives were.

One report is that the girls sought “revenge” after Luise informed the school she had been bullied by the duo for months, according to German newspaper Bild.

But there are also claims Luise may have been killed over a fight over a boy, reports the Mail.

North Rhine-Westphalia state where Freudenberg is located is reeling from the news of the murder, with the governor saying the state is “grieving”.

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“It is incomprehensible and unbearable that children are capable of such horrible acts,” said Governor Hendrik Wuest.

Jürgen Süs, the deputy president of the Koblenz police directorate, said: “After more than 40 years in the job you still get cases that leave you speechless.”

Germany is 'grieving' over the horrific crime


Germany is ‘grieving’ over the horrific crimeCredit: Newsflash

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