SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – San Francisco residents Corey and Paul Frentsos are San Francisco 49ers fanatics and they have the “fan cave” to prove it.

Behind sliding doors is a collection of 49ers gear that only a Niners faithful could dream of. These items include rugs, blankets, countless pins, and autographed flags.

“They call me ‘Captian Faithful’ for a reason,” said Corey.

Corey Frentsos in the “fan cave”

Corey says the fan cave came together four years ago upon moving into their home. Once Corey’s husband Paul agreed to his idea of a room dedicated to the 49ers, Corey held nothing back.  

The elaborate room is even insured.

This decked-out room was built to represent everything that the Niners stand for — family and friends, community, love, and respect. The room also memorializes the memories the couples made with the Niners community and team.

The couple has enough jerseys for the entire team but is ready to always add more.

The Frentsos are certain the 49ers have the apparatus to win the Super Bowl on Sunday.

“We have the team, the coach, the QB, all the weapons that we need to finally make it over that hump,” said Corey. 

Jordan Baker

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