People in Prince George’s County are saying this project has changed the road conditions and caused damage to some of their tires and cars.

CLINTON, Md. — People in Prince George’s County are speaking out about an ongoing project that’s starting to frustrate them and some say it’s even causing damage to their cars.

There are a lot of bumps in the road when you’re driving along Old Branch Avenue in Clinton, Maryland.

“It hit me right there, “ Michael York Senior said.

York said he has damage on his car to prove his bumpy journey.

“I’ve had a blowout tire one time and insurance didn’t pay for it,” York said.

Those roadblocks for York have really started to add up when it comes to repairs to his car.

“I have a nice vehicle that I pay a lot of money for and it’s tearing up my car and that’s a problem,” York said. “Them potholes down there did that.”

He blames the construction and road project that’s left the road uneasy to drive on.

“Potholes from here all the way down to Allentown way which is a long stretch,” woman who lives nearby, Marcia Mitchell said. “It’s really horrible.”

Several people shared similar stories and complaints to WUSA9. People said they’re always trying to duck and dodge the hurdles along Old Branch Avenue.

“It’s bad for suspension for the cars and everything, just fix it,” Mitchell said.

“It’s not driveable,” a woman who didn’t want to be identified said. “I’ve already replaced two tires on my car after I had to replace all four tires from hitting potholes or steel plates.”

“It seems like it’s gotten worse,” Mitchell said. “I don’t know what they’re doing.”

Now several people are asking the same question.

“It’s frustrating, we pay taxes,” York said. “Why is it taking so long? Right lane blocked but you don’t see nobody doing nothing. You just see the cones out there,” York said.

WSSC Water has confirmed with WUSA9 that they are working on a water main replacement project here on Old Branch Avenue and that’s expected to go until June 2025. According to the website the project is only 39% complete and started in March 2022.

“It’s a process it’s going to have to happen,” another man who frequents the area, Robert Pressley said.

Robert Pressley says his 20 years of experience with his plumbing company gives him patience when it comes to this ongoing project.

“I know the roads are kind of messed up and everything but it’s infrastructure it has to happen because the water pipes are old and it needs to be replaced,” Pressley said.

Meanwhile people like York said these obstacles on Old Branch Avenue have forced him to take a detour, until further notice.

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