Manhattan: As all of society collapses, let’s look on the bright side: Many eternal debates will now be settled, once and for all, so we can all live in harmony! For example, the entire world says Elon Musk is a genius. I think he’s an astounding moron. We will know within six months if he has made Twitter super-profitable and a great place for all customers!

Being a “genius,” he won’t fail! If he does, no one can ever call these rich guys and tech guys geniuses ever again. Even Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway lost $40 billion in one quarter this year. You sure that’s a financial genius?

Likewise, the age-old argument of whether cops fight crime or make society safer in any way is finally about to be settled forever: NYC put a 22-year-expert from the NYPD in charge of making NYC the safest place on earth. You can’t find a superior crime-fighting “genius” than Mayor Adams! Will all of the planet be proven totally wrong yet again? Will Mayor Cop totally fail in his one and only area of expertise?

Everyone already knows the answer. Now we can save trillions of tax dollars by shrinking our mostly useless police forces and mostly useless Pentagon. So at least our taxes will be cut in half!

Hey, why not just pay Musk to end all crime in NYC? He’s a genius, I hear! Roger Stoneham

Bronx: Once again, the people of the Bronx have shown their ignorance by re-electing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Congress. In four years, she has not managed to get one piece of legislation she wrote signed into law. That is her job. She’s an Instagram star, which is what she wants. She lied about crime, stating on TV that all crimes are down. No, they are not. In fact, crime is up 29% year-over-year in New York City, yet she wants more cops defunded. When you are robbed, assaulted or raped or a family member is killed, don’t go on TV complaining and blaming. If you voted for her, all you need is a mirror to see who to blame. She sells $10 hoodies for 58 bucks yet tells you to be a socialist. No, America, the Bronx is not very bright. Stephen Hill

Brooklyn: Every day, your newspaper has cover-to-cover coverage of crime in New York City. Your coverage makes it sound like crime is as bad as it’s ever been. All you have to do is look at historical crime stats and you will realize that crime is down 20-30% compared to the great crime-fighter Rudy Giuliani’s time in office. Harvey Kaplan

Melville, L.I.: At President Biden’s post-election press conference, it became crystal clear how much better off our country is than it was a few years ago. No war with the press and no riots in the streets or attacks on the Capitol after an election. Our president framed the election results as a win for our democratic process. Republicans and Democrats campaigned vigorously and then accepted the results, not as enemies but as good people with different ideas about policy. I hope we all adopt that approach and reject the politics of hate and derision. Thank you, President Biden, for leading the way. Dennis Joyce

Sayreville, N.J.: To Voicer Tom Ascher: I wish to confirm that you are, at this time, living in a Fourth World country. Just imagine this evil, much-like-Trump Mr. DeSenter being considered to further plunge this country deeper into the swamp. Desmond M. Chase

Massapequa, L.I.: Well, Donnie, it seems you didn’t do too well on Election Day. Probably your worst defeat was Lee Zeldin’s loss. You will not be getting your hoped-for pardon. Send your tux to the cleaners so you look good when you are sent to the “Country Club.” Ron Boehning

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Oakland, N.J.: Our former president, the Great Pumpkin, actually did one good thing. By sending Jets owner Woody Johnson off to England to be our ambassador, Pumpkinhead set the stage for Woody’s non-dweeb brother Christopher to finally hire people who know how to run a football team. With general manager Joe Douglas and head coach Robert Salah leading the way, the Jets are now 6-3 and look to be headed for a bright future. So on behalf of all Jets fans, thank you, Mr. Pumpkinhead. Now you can crawl back in your hole. Bob Shwalb

South Richmond Hill: As an elected Democratic Party district leader with a large South Asian population, I make this appeal on behalf of the more than 300,000 Hindu, Sikh, Jain and Buddhist families living in NYC to Assemblywoman Jenifer Rajkumar and Mayor Adams, who have repeatedly made unreserved Diwali holiday promises prior to being elected: The mayor can implement his school chancellor’s regulation to make Diwali a holiday, just as former Mayor Bill de Blasio did to create the Eid and Lunar New Year holidays. Most disappointingly, Rajkumar betrayed her constituents and collaborated on a flatulent promise that was nothing more than a media circus. She knows this bill has been pending for years in Albany without the necessary State Senate sponsor, didn’t make it out of committee and has gone nowhere, yet she recycles her deceitful excuse that “our time has come.” This is the typical bait-and-switch con game we must denounce, and the kind of darkness Diwali shines a light on. Albert Baldeo

Oak Ridge, N.J.: Glad to see the creator of “Red & Rover” honoring Veterans Day. Truly, a good man with a sense of benevolence. Jim Heimbuch

Bayside: I was in Dollar Tree on Tuesday and paid for my purchases in dollar bills. The cashier was happy that I did. He sees, as well as I, that people always pay in big bills. He told me he has to go get change constantly. People, let’s get organized here. When you go to the bank, ask for smaller bills, too, as a courtesy to so many. It makes life so much easier. Michael Gringas

Spring Valley, N.Y.: I hope they treat the $2 billion Powerball winner the same as they treat the other billionaires — just tax them $100 for all the money they won. That sounds about fair. Delores McDonald

Pelham, N.Y.: Voicer Sam Katz has a vivid imagination, not to mention an apparent contemptuous regard for children in the womb. Nowhere in the Ninth, 13th or 14th Amendments is there any mention whatsoever of abortion, but in her gross interpretation of these articles, she construes them as giving Americans the right to tear apart unborn children. In this, she is as repellently deluded as the election deniers she indubitably abhors. If Katz would like to infer intelligently about abortion from historical documents, however, she need only look to America’s hallowed Declaration of Independence, which states that “all men are created equal.” Note that our Founding Fathers, in their consummate and prescient wisdom, wrote “created equal” and not “born equal.” Therefore, the termination of some babies in the womb and not others is tantamount to discrimination, which I’m sure is diametrically opposed to Katz’s offensive and abounding wokeness. Wendy Packus

Greenlawn, L.I.: The rich white men who wrote the Constitution did a pretty good job, considering. At the time, abortion was legal across the states and widely practiced, as it had been throughout Western history. It continued to be widely legal in the U.S. until late in the 19th century, so much so that physicians realized they were losing business to legal, non-doctor practitioners of the procedure. The white male voters of the time joined the doctors’ movement to abolish women’s right to choose a non-physician practitioner. This seriously raised the cost of the procedure and sharply reduced its availability (women had few rights. Many women died from the physical costs of too many pregnancies). Recently, Dr. Oz proposed that the choice about a pregnancy belonged to a woman, her doctor and local politicians. If the issue was ever raised at the Continental Congress, the Founding Fathers were wise to drop it. Helen Hill Updike

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