A man is in the hospital after being shot by a Raleigh police officer late Saturday night.

Raleigh police said they first arrived at the scene Rock Quarry Road for a shots-fired call around 10:30 p.m.

Police say they found a man with a gun, and they shot him. He was taken to the hospital. It’s not clear what led to the shots being fired.

Police say they found three other people who were injured. They were taken to the hospital, as well. WRAL News is working to learn how these three people were hurt, as well as the condition of the man police shot.

A woman who identified herself as one of the victims approached WRAL News at the scene with a bandage on her arm. She said the man police shot was “crazy” and “seemed to be on drugs.” WRAL News is working to confirm those details.

A man is in the hospital after being shot by a Raleigh police officer late Saturday night.

Rock Quarry Road closed both directions

A large police scene closed Rock Quarry Road between Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. and Vardaman Street overnight, while they investigated for hours.

Seven hours later, police were still investigating, and yellow police tape could be seen surrounding a shopping center near a Supreme Sweepstakes and Rock Quarry Smoke Shop.

As of 8 a.m., Rocky Quarry Road was still closed in both directions.

Same scene where Darryl Williams was shocked with Taser, died

If the parking lot with the smoke shop and sweepstakes looks familiar, that could be because it was the same scene where Darryl Williams, 32, was shocked three times with a Taser by police and died.

Bodycam footage at the time showed the scene unfolding. Williams could be heard yelling that he had a heart condition.

Just a few weeks ago, the community gathered for a vigil in memory of Williams.

The two incidents do not appear to be related. However, the context shows once again the surrounding neighborhoods are seeing violence just outside their doorsteps.

Police say there is bodycam footage of Saturday’s incident as well.

The SBI will be involved in the investigation, which is standard procedure. Raleigh police say they will cooperate with the investigation, handing over key evidence, including bodycam video.

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