This breakthrough technology means you no longer have to use a painful lancet to draw blood samples from your diabetic dog or cat.

If you have a dog or cat with diabetes, you know that poking her with a lancet to get blood for a glucose sample hurts you almost as much as it does her. No one wants to cause their animal pain, especially when the goal is simply to help them live healthy, happy lives.

Collaboration Is Born

PetTest Genteel is quite literally the breakthrough technology diabetic dog and cat parents have been waiting for.

“It’s an amazing product,” says Steven Thuss, president and COO of PetTest. “I was walking the floor of a trade show and noticed Dr. Chris Jacobs in his Genteel booth.” Dr. Jacobs is the CEO and Chief Research Engineer for Genteel, a diabetes blood drawing device originally designed for pediatric patients. “He walked over, introduced himself, and a collaboration was born. Dr. Jacobs was already very familiar with PetTest, so it wasn’t a tough sell. We knew this was a game-changer for our pets.”

How It Works

The PetTest Genteel Lancing Device allows those with diabetic dogs or cats to painlessly check their animals’ blood sugar, using vacuum and shallow depth control. Each device comes with six different sizes of contact tips, ten sample Butterfly Touch lancets, and ten PetTest lancets. The product is also compatible with most square shaft lancets on the market.

Thanks to this product, squeezing your dog or cat’s ear, lip, or leg to scrounge up enough blood for a sample is now a thing of the past. PetTest Genteel makes the glucose testing process much less stressful than it used to be, for both animals and their human parents.

PetTest’s Motivation

PetTest’s mission is to bring quality, affordable products to the diabetic animal market, making it easier to give your dog or cat the life he deserves.

“Knowing we are making a difference in the lives of diabetic pets worldwide is what makes us happy to go into work every day,” Steven says. “We are also proud of our website, where people can get all the necessary supplies needed to maintain their diabetic pet’s health.”

Those with diabetic pets will also find a rich resource of blogs on the site, answering questions that they might not even know they had about their dog or cat’s health.

“We’re always looking for high quality, innovative ways to lessen the blow of a diabetes diagnosis,” Steven says. “If our products can help with that, we’re happy.”

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