A brand-new Jason Bourne movie is on the horizon, and director Edward Berger, renowned for his award-winning work on the World War I film All Quiet on the Western Front, is set to guide this cinematic journey. While the project is still in its early stages with no script finalized, discussions are buzzing about the potential return of actor Matt Damon, who previously portrayed the iconic CIA assassin in four out of the five films that constitute the Bourne franchise.

What is the Bourne series about?

The Bourne series, adapted from Robert Ludlum’s novels, revolves around Jason Bourne, a highly skilled government operative grappling with amnesia and hunted by the very government he served. The franchise’s success began with the 2000 release of The Bourne Identity, turning Damon into an action star. He reprised the role in subsequent films like The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum, skipped The Bourne Legacy, and returned for Jason Bourne in 2016. Talks of a new Bourne film surfaced in 2020, emphasizing the need for a visionary perspective, and Edward Berger seems to fit the bill after the critical acclaim of All Quiet On The Western Front.

Berger, who received accolades for his Netflix-released film, has secured his position as an in-demand director. However, transitioning into the Bourne series, known for its intense action and fan expectations, poses a challenge given the director’s limited experience with such large-scale productions. The success of this venture relies not only on Berger’s direction but also on reigniting fan enthusiasm, which has seen a decline in recent films.

The Jason Bourne franchise stands out in the spy thriller genre by prioritizing practical stunts over heavy CGI usage, creating a raw and realistic atmosphere. With a combined budget of USD 520 million, the five films grossed over USD 1.6 billion, solidifying the series as a major commercial success for Universal. Alongside the Fast and Furious franchise, Jason Bourne remains one of Universal’s cherished intellectual properties, making fans eager to witness the fresh direction this new installment might take.

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When will they start filming the Jason Bourne movie? 

While Universal Pictures has yet to officially comment on the project’s development, the potential return of Matt Damon and Edward Berger’s involvement has generated anticipation. Fans and industry watchers are eagerly awaiting more updates as this iconic spy thriller franchise embarks on its next chapter. Stay tuned to Collider for further developments on the upcoming Jason Bourne movie.

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