Like most mothers, Rebecca Kilburn wants to provide everything her children need, including the basic necessities like shoes.

That’s proving to be a struggle with her 14-year-old son Eric Jr. The teenager has size 23 feet – for now – and his mom is desperately looking for someone who will make shoes in that size at an affordable price.

“At 14, he’s still growing,” she said. “Most kids this big and tall at this age have an endocrine disorder and he does not. He has no health issues with exponential growth.”

Eric Kilburn does have health issues that result from not being able to find the correct size shoes, however. The 6-foot, 10-inch freshman at Goodrich High School in Michigan has endured six painful procedures on his feet to fix in-grown toenails, finally resulting in the permanent removal of the nails on his largest two toes.

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