DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas actually halted a press conference briefly to correct reporter April Ryan after she tried to revive – twice – a false story about Border Patrol agents ‘whipping’ Haitian illegal immigrants.

Ryan, a reporter for The Grio and contributor to CNN, obviously felt comfortable enough in her environment, surrounded by journalists who likewise often lie about stories and a Homeland Security chief who actually helped spread this fake news story in particular.

“The southern border is not just Mexicans, it is Haitians, it’s Africans, as we — as we’ve seen, particularly with that issue with the Haitians being whipped with the reins on the horses,” she said before Mayorkas interjected.

“Well, let me just correct you right there, because actually, the investigation concluded that the whipping did not occur,” he replied.

Ryan then doubled down.

“I’m sorry, I saw it differently,” she said, an odd defense for something that she never actually saw at all, unless she was privy to video no one else was allowed to see.

“They were whipped with something from the horse — reins from a horse. I — I — maybe the video or the picture was fixed, but what I saw was totally different,” she continued.

“I’m gonna leave you as corrected,” Mayorkas shot back.

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Haitian Migrants Weren’t Whipped

How bad does a lie have to be for a perpetual liar like Alejandro Mayorkas to say, ‘Ya know, this is so blatant that even I have to correct the record’?

The Haitian migrants being whipped story never happened. It was a media lie from the start, spread by a Democrat communications strategist who had no idea how horses and/or reins work, and who was willing to share an image from a dubious angle.

The truth, however, was quickly revealed.

The agents were eventually cleared of any criminal wrongdoing, as it was revealed they were using split reins to control their horses – not “whipping migrants.”

What is truly wild here is that Mayorkas helped spread the initial media lie.

Fox News reported that an email sent to Mayorkas and other DHS officials included an article complete with highlighted sections that indicate the actual photographer behind the image insisted there was no whipping involved.

Mayorkas condemned the Border Patrol agents anyway at a press conference hours later.

“Our nation saw horrifying images that do not reflect who we are,” Mayorkas said nearly three hours after the email was sent. “We know that those images painfully conjured up the worst elements of our nation’s ongoing battle against systemic racism.”

Too bad somebody at that particular press conference didn’t stop him and ‘leave him corrected.’

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They’ll Just Keep Trying and Trying to Lie

On a side note – April Ryan’s mask in the press briefing is completely for show. Look at any clip of her in the past year on YouTube and you will find the only place she wears the mask is during White House press briefings. It’s hilarious.

Ryan’s attempt to revive the story about Haitian migrants being whipped is yet another example of how the left lies initially to create a media firestorm, waits as it takes months to correct the record, then simply repeats the lie casually over the ensuing years because there are simply too many low-information people out there who won’t bother to check the facts on the matter.

It’s a formula that has worked time and again for them. President Biden just did the same thing when he once again tried to push the Charlottesville ‘fine people’ hoax – a story so thoroughly debunked it’s ridiculous.

Why do they do it? Because they know that if they simply continue to lie there will be enough people out there who will believe it because the truth is so far in the rearview mirror.

Ryan continued to shamelessly lie about the ‘whipping’ story, tripling down on the claim on Twitter, earning herself a Community Notes fact-check.

Fox News national correspondent Bill Melugin hammered Ryan for trying her best to keep the false story alive.

“It’s just you,” he said. “Pushing a completely false, debunked narrative after a lengthy investigation. Debunked even by the photographer who took these photos.”

To be fair, that’s the sole purpose of legacy media in America today. To push false, debunked narratives like the good little propaganda machine they are.

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