[00:00:00] Detective Ev: Alright. Hello there, friends. Welcome back to another episode of the Health Detective Podcast. Today we’re discussing our new Mastering Metabolic Chaos mini course.

We have a special rare occurrence today. It’s myself and Reed hanging out with you guys. Which, it’s funny, Reed. Still to this day, it doesn’t matter what the title is. If I just have your name in the podcast, the listener count always goes way higher. People love it.

Today is going to be a bit short and sweet for the podcast side. But we have so many cool things going on in FDN that we need to make sure that we’re always educating you guys properly to let you know what these new programs are. Nothing needs to be confusing. You just need to make sure you’re getting the right information. So, that’s what we’ll do today.

But, Reed, we already had a podcast about the Health Coach Mastery program. That’s a whole separate thing that people can check out. What we’re talking about today is different than that. It’s even a little different than the main FDN course. It’s called MMC or Mastering Metabolic Chaos. And it’s a very unique kind of product.

I don’t want to ask too general of a question. I’d actually like to start a little more specific. Before we mention what Mastering Metabolic Chaos is or what it entails, would you mind introducing that concept of metabolic chaos to people? Because I think those that’ll click on this podcast are probably new to FDN. They might not know what metabolic chaos is yet.

Mastering Metabolic Chaos: Mini Course

[00:01:11] Reed Davis: Sure. Metabolic chaos is a state of health that people come to us in. They have complaints.

And everyone talks a lot about the root cause, “I get to the root cause.” I used to say that. I gave up on that expression, and here’s why. People have multiple causal factors in every case. Every single case of chronic, downward spiraling, degenerative health conditions, every case, there’s multiple causal factors.

And here’s the interesting thing that no one talks about. Those causal factors are having an effect upon each other. So, there’s a ripple effect all throughout the body, which is pretty complex. In order to make it easy, we just call it metabolic chaos. That’s what’s going on.


So, over the years we’ve developed a system that sorts out metabolic chaos and people want to know about it. They want to add to their current level of understanding, their ability to help others. Of course, our main program is the FDN certification course, which teaches all the lab work involved. Well, here in this small, kind of a mini course, easy for people to take, they’re going to get a real complete understanding of that using our intake forms, which follow the same investigation.

There are the hormones, there’s the immune system, there’s digestion, detoxification, energy production, nervous system, the hidden causal factors and how they’re interacting with each other, creating metabolic chaos. So, if you want to master that, really the labs would be a really super neat way to go. But if you want to get an idea of, how does it work, and can I apply it in my practice, you don’t need to have all the lab training, which is where the real time and commitment comes in.

Mastering Metabolic Chaos: The Philosophy & the Methodology

This is kind of a minimum threshold commitment. It’s five weeks, five lessons, and we go through all the hormone, immune, digestion, detoxification, energy production, nervous system investigation. You’ll love this. We also teach the diet, the rest, the exercise, the stress reduction, the supplementation concept and how to apply those principles to whatever you find. And people just get better.

So, if you’re a health coach or nutritionist or personal trainer, or even if you are a chiropractor or acupuncturist, a professionalism of some sort, we have naturopaths, lots of people who want to help others and work on themselves too, they can come and take this course. Again, it’s a minimum threshold, very low entry barrier as far as the price goes and the time commitment. They’d learn an awful lot.

We give you tools, we give you all of our intake forms that we use in FDN. A lot of the tools too, like diet check record sheets and things, and teach you how to apply those in your practice. We won’t try to sell you anything. But there’s always the opportunity to go to the next level, which would be the full FDN certification course.


So, this is a mini course. It’s to teach you everything you need to know – all the philosophy and methodology of resolving metabolic chaos.

[00:04:33] Detective Ev: One thing that, again, for people that are new to the concept of FDN. They might have just got to our website, they click on the podcast and are like, okay, what’s this? I think it is a perfect introduction. It’s more than that really. But it is a perfect introduction to set the foundation for the FDN course.

Mastering Metabolic Chaos: The Root Cause Narrative

What I like about how it’s set up is, maybe you find for whatever reason the FDN course isn’t for you. Okay, well, you already got stuff that you can apply to your own practice. Otherwise, you get a nice test run to see, what are these people about and what are they teaching?


You already challenged a really common narrative, still to this day in functional medicine, about the root cause thing. There are still people, all the time online talking about, oh, I’ll find the root cause. And I couldn’t help but think about the metabolic chaos concept. I mean, I constantly think about this stuff, right? When you’re involved in FDN you can’t get away from it.

But I was talking to a potential client for Maddy last night cause I do the consultation calls for the business but then we give it to them. I was talking to this client last night, Reed, and the naturopath that this woman had worked with, unofficially, I guess, diagnosed her with SIBO.

Now this woman, she’s calling me last night and she’s 32. I start going through her history and it’s so interesting how people just mention this like as if it’s like a small detail. She’s like, oh, I forgot to mention I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at 15 years old. I’m like, whoa, whoa, whoa.

And she’s like, and I also had chronic GI issues as a kid. I went to a GI specialist, no one could figure that out. I went to this other doctor; they couldn’t really help. Yeah, I always got sick, all the time, too, as a kid. Then I got really sick and that’s what led to the hypothyroidism diagnosis.

Mastering Metabolic Chaos: D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success Program

One of these things that you guys want to think about is, the idea that we could figure out, sometimes, the root cause from someone who’s calling us that has been sick for over 20 years. You know, that’s almost arrogant, right? Like, I might never be able to figure out exactly what started this all for her 20 something years ago. I didn’t even know her.

But what we can figure out is, okay, we now know she has this SIBO thing going on, fine. But that’s not the main problem. That’s where this metabolic chaos thing, it has this bidirectional relationship. Like, maybe something caused the SIBO, sure. But now the SIBO is contributing to the metabolic chaos. You always say, kind of tongue in cheek, metabolic chaos is the one quote/unquote “diagnosis” that we give and it’s the only one. Because that’s what actually matters when it comes to healing these chronic health issues. Right?

[00:06:53] Reed Davis: Exactly. Sometimes the root cause is really hard to find. Sometimes it’s so far removed from where the symptoms might be appearing that it doesn’t even seem logical. But other times you can’t find it because there’s not enough labs on the planet, you know? And there’s no little magic Star Trek device.


So, what we do is identify as many healing opportunities as possible. Again, this is where there’s multiple causal factors and they’re crashing into each other. So, we may not identify the exact root cause, but we get close enough to have an effect upon it with our methodology, our D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success program. It affects every cell, tissue, organ, and system in the body.

Mastering Metabolic Chaos: The Sounds-Like Method

Again, root causes can be really far upstream and that doesn’t bother us. They can be undiscoverable, there just isn’t enough left. That doesn’t bother us either, because we can have an effect upon it. Cause when we identify enough healing opportunities around it, we’ll have an effect upon whatever it is.

And those complexities of causal factors can be, that’s kind of a journey that people go on. Like, the example you just took. I guarantee you multiple causal factors having an effect upon each other, creating metabolic chaos. And along comes somebody who’s trained in diagnosis and treatment. Of course, they’re going to say, “well, it sounds like.” You know my famous complaint about the sounds-like method.

It sounds like SIBO, or it sounds like a parasite, or it sounds like IBS or IBD, or it sounds like your hormones are out of balance, you know, whatever it is, whatever it sounds like. Sounds like thyroid. That’s a classic, right? So, they go after that thing, they test, I’m going to find the root cause, and they test it. God forbid they find what they’re looking for. Like, SIBO is not the problem, it’s the result of the problem, which is metabolic chaos, it’s dysbiosis gone real far south. Right? And there’s multiple causal factors for that.


The thing about the SIBO tests I don’t like is it does no speciation whatsoever. You just have small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Well, which bacteria? And are they creating a problem? It’s really just a dysbiosis in my humble opinion. If you just go to treat that, you’re going to be sort of forgetting about all the other things that person really needs to do to get well.

Mastering Metabolic Chaos: Making Connections

Wellness is not just an absence of symptoms, by the way. It’s vitality, it’s integrity of all the systems, it’s clear thinking and a bright disposition, and all the things. It is not just an absence of symptoms as you know.

[00:09:47] Detective Ev: Yeah, I think this is going to end up being a nice short podcast to also send to people that ask us on the course enrollment calls. Hey, well, how are you guys different than functional medicine? Because this is exactly how we are different than functional medicine.

And we’re not condemning the naturopath. Again, if someone’s listening for the first time, this isn’t a condemnation. Obviously, that naturopath wants to help. But this is kind of what we get with the sounds-like method.

This woman has been working with this naturopath for a year. The current protocol that she’s on, Reed, got her back to square one. So, now she’s calling some random guy that was a referral, me, because she doesn’t even know and is never going to meet in person. Which again, it’s great that I can help. But if you guys actually think about that, that’s kind of sad that this is her option is choosing this guy she doesn’t even know based on a referral because she’s been going to this place for a year and they’re only addressing the SIBO.


I asked a basic question, like, did anyone ever connect for you that the stuff that you had going on at 15 is probably very much in alignment with what’s going on now. And she’s like, well, no, we just focused on the SIBO and stuff. I’m like, I don’t think that’s disconnected at all.

Mastering Metabolic Chaos: You Gotta Go Deeper

Now, again, just to reemphasize, we might not figure out what came first. It’s kind of a chicken or the egg situation. But we do look at this holistic picture where I will put pretty good money on the idea that the same things that led to a 15-year-old getting diagnosed with hypothyroidism are probably in the mix of things that are leading to these SIBO symptoms and issues now.

The one other thing I’ll mention is this is not to say that the SIBO part isn’t real, or the thyroid part isn’t real. Reed mentioned the sounds-like method for thyroid. You guys might have caught this, and this is really something to learn from if it is your first time being exposed to FDN.

He said, God forbid, You find what you’re looking for. The reason he said that is because if you say it sounds like SIBO, it sounds like thyroid, you test it and you find it, you do exactly what you always talk about, Reed. You pat yourself on the back, right? You’re like, oh, I figured out your problem. That’s the worst thing that could have happened because now we only address the SIBO.


And here this woman is a year later, thousands of dollars in, still with the same problems that she had a year ago because no one ever thought to go a little deeper. It’s tragic that this is happening to people even in natural medicine.

[00:11:54] Reed Davis: Yeah. I always tell those folks, don’t break your wrist patting yourself on the back. Because until that person comes out really healthy, you have no reason to think that you’ve discovered the one root cause.

Mastering Metabolic Chaos: New or Worse Symptoms


The person might actually even feel better with that diagnosis and some treatment. Sometimes some symptoms will abate. But if you don’t really get to the root causes and sort out how they’re interacting with each other, the symptoms usually come back sometimes with a vengeance, or they’ll appear somewhere else as new symptoms.

Then those new symptoms become, oh, well, that sounds like something else. And so, you run that test. Yep. Pat myself on the back. Now it’s your hormones. It was your thyroid or your gut, now it’s your sex hormones. Well, here’s how we’re going to balance those out. So, they’re really taking a diagnosis and treatment methodology.

And by the way, you mentioned functional medicine, which we love and appreciate. In my 25 almost years, we were all just alternative, just straight up alternative, 25 years ago. Well, that became complimentary because it was working. Some of it was getting recognized.

Well, then it became integrative. Well, let’s move that to see if we can’t combine the two things. And then functional medicine became a catchphrase, but it’s still diagnosing and treating because that’s how the world works. That’s how medicine works. You have to. Your licensure requires you to lay down a diagnosis and a treatment plan and proceed.

It hasn’t evolved far enough. Functional medicine is in the evolution, but it hasn’t gotten to where I think we’re at.

[00:13:47] Detective Ev: Yeah, you’ll catch some naturopaths or functional medicine practitioners every now and then that they’re actually thinking similar to how we teach at FDN. It’s not the majority, unfortunately. They just don’t use the same words. We’re moving in the right direction and we’re getting closer, just not fully there yet.

Mastering Metabolic Chaos: MMC Tuition Applies to the Main FDN Course

So, to be a little more concise then, and to get back to the questions, we’ll kind of do these as quick as you’d like. Just to be clear as to what people get when they go through MMC, this is not something that someone who is a graduated FDN would go through, right? Or am I incorrect?

[00:14:19] Reed Davis: If you’re already in FDN, you don’t need this. You’ll know all this.

This, by the way, is taught by myself and the course supervisor Elizabeth, who is an amazing teacher. So, this is a combined effort. We go through each lesson, cover the foundations, cover the intake, which includes forms that help us assess, and then of course, what to do, the development of an individualized protocol. That’s all in there. Now that takes five lessons.

There’s a bonus lesson. It kind of wraps it all up and does a case study on top of that. So, at that point, you can just go play around with it, work on yourself, work on some clients, add in some of these new tools in methodology we’re going to teach you, or you might decide you want to really step up and commit to the certification course.


And by the way, whatever you pay for the Mastering Metabolic Chaos course, if you later decide you want to take the FDN certification course, we’ll give the entire tuition off the course. It’s a way for you to see what you’d learn in the course without having to take it.

[00:15:31] Detective Ev: Yeah. I think that’s perfect.

Mastering Metabolic Chaos: Weekly Lives

It’s kind of similar to what we did with the 5in5 Workshop. People got to experience something. They also got to learn a ton. It was totally worth it. Some people said, hey, well, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I want to do FDN. Others were like, okay, cool. I got to learn something, I got my value, and they move on to the next thing. And that’s okay too.

But I think MMC is that next step up where you really get to get involved with us. One thing we haven’t even mentioned directly is these are not pre-recorded, right? Aren’t you teaching this Live? Is that correct?


[00:16:00] Reed Davis: Yes. We’ll record them. We’re recording the lessons and they’re released each week. But then every week we also have a Live one-on-one with the group. Elizabeth and I’ll do a Live every week to answer all your questions, to make sure you’re understanding it, make sure you’re getting the concepts and able to implement the tools.

Cause each week we release two new tools. It’s remarkable. I think it’s an amazing value. You won’t find anything like it anywhere else. We’re going to do it this one time. If it works out well and people like us and like it, then we’ll keep doing it. But I would take advantage of the first opportunity.

[00:16:43] Detective Ev: Yeah. So, check it out in the show notes. We’ll have the link, guys.

Mastering Metabolic Chaos: Convert Prospects to Paying Clients

I think my final question then, today, Reed. You know, people listen in the kitchen, or they listen while they’re driving and then they start wondering at the end, like, what did I just listen to?

So, let’s say I am a health coach, I have a health coach certification. I haven’t done FDN yet. This is my first time listening. What will I be able to do in my health coaching practice after going through MMC that I wouldn’t have before? And let’s assume these people never go through FDN, let’s just talk about the value of MMC. What will they be able to do differently than they’re probably doing right now?

[00:17:17] Reed Davis: Well, if you’re a health coach, you’re on a never ending, sort of increasing learning experience. We’re all learn freaks, we all love to learn. I think I have 15 certifications myself.


This is one though that you can apply immediately to your existing customers. I, even in the first lesson, teach how we get our customers, how we convert a customer from a prospect into a paying customer. So, it’s really the whole FDN course broken down into five easy. It’s like the 5in5 that you did.

 But it’s not just the labs, it’s the entire process of intake and then exploration of the underlying causes, conditions, sorting out that metabolic chaos into the H I D D E N, all those areas using our intake forms. Which are totally hybrid, customized, no one else has them. You get all of that.

So, you’ll add some new tools to your practice and a way of thinking, probably the most important thing, so that you can figure out what’s wrong with people and help them fix it.

Mastering Metabolic Chaos: Have Fun with FDN

[00:18:22] Detective Ev: Okay, cool. The intake forms are probably worth it in and of itself.

Reed, you know this all too well. How many people do we talk to where you ask them about their health history on the phone and they swear they tell you everything? And then you look at the intake form and you’re like, oh, you forgot to mention that 30 courses of antibiotics that you took by the age of 20 years old. Like, you thought that might have been important on the phone.

Yeah, they’re very useful. You get a lot of insight about the person, things that they might not have ever even thought to share with you. The intake forms are cool and then the whole Live component will be great. Then, of course, again, there’s the recorded component that you can keep with you for as long as you’d like to.

[00:18:55] Reed Davis: I’ll just say this, we have fun, we have a good time. We love what we do. You know, your work should be your joy and your passion too, and also the way that you make money. Cause in doing something that you love doing for a living means you don’t have to really work the rest of your life. That’s a famous quote by a great inventor, Thomas Edison. He says, I never worked a day in my life. It was all fun. So, we have a good time doing it.


That’s why FDN is such a strong community, cause we enjoy each other and learning, and the peer support’s amazing. You would not only learn a lot about FDN intake, hidden stressors, D.R.E.S.S for Health Success, all the intake forms, but you get some new friends out of it too.


[00:19:42] Detective Ev: Yeah. Now, it depends on if you want me and Reed as friends, but you will get it. It’s coming one way or another.

That’s a perfect note to end on. Thank you so much for hopping on and answering these questions for us.

Reed Davis: Yes, sir.


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