Giorgi Berejiani’s dog, Jorge, went missing from his home in Tbilisi, Georgia, three years ago. He looked all over for his best friend. And as the days turned to months and the months turned to years, he never gave up hope.


Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: Giorgi Berejiani and Temo Paghava via YouTube Video


But all of his efforts would finally pay off. Staffers at a business in town spotted a stray who fit the description of Jorge and contacted Giorgi right away just in case. The dog had been tagged by the city to indicate he was a stray, but they were pretty sure it was him.


Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: Giorgi Berejiani and Temo Paghava via YouTube Video


Giorgi rushed to the spot to check and approached the dog lying by the tree. In the video below, you’ll hear the man call the dog’s name. The dog then proceeds to cry tears of joy, and right then and there Giorgi knew it was really him.


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